Rez Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Rez would like to warn you of its intense effects.
Title Screen
Stage Select screen of "Play" mode.
Enemies come from all over.
Intense color effects reveal themselves when enemies are destroyed.
Boss battles test your reflexes and patterns.
Players will go deeper into each area after releasing nodes.
Lock onto multiple targets and release the fire button to destroy them at once.
Attacking a formation in Area 2.
Portions of the game will allow for more interesting angles of attack.
Flying down the digital network, in pursuit by craft and vehicles.
Bosses can be much larger than our hero.
Area 5 is where evolution and the digital network converge.
Shootouts can get very intense.
Evolving to a higher form allows for stronger and impressive looking attack beams.
Someone or something questions your presence.
All bosses return in Area 5.
Fighting to save Eden.
Restoring Eden by segment will reveal its good nature.
Checking layer with "Punk" mode on
With "punk" mode, while the layers change with a green background, the play field is ... pink? magentish-pink.
Getting ready to fight a boss in punk mode.
Get them fast. They will each shoot a missile on you. You could however wait for their missile and get more points. (Again, Punk mode)
Can't remember which level this is. 3rd? 4th perhaps?
Later on, Punk mode changes color.
And this is the accompanying transition color for later stages in punk.
Ok! Hold your horses! I'm coming...

Xbox 360 version

Title screen
In "standard mode," replicating the Dreamcast graphics.
Opening the portal to the next level.
Locking on to enemies.
Shoot down the fighters.
Explosions give off lighting effects.
Rez HD
Opening a portal with HD graphics.
Attacked from behind!
Transitioning to new a level.
Shooting down some gunships.
Enemies splinter to vector graphics-style lines when destroyed.
Close attack by more gunboats.
HD lighting effects.
Locking on to enemies in the HD version.
These enemies construct barriers in your path.