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Riana Rouge

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Platform Votes Score
Macintosh 1 3.0
Windows 11 2.6
Combined MobyScore 12 2.6

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MacintoshAll Game Guide
Avoid this game if you are looking for a challenge or if the sight of a half-naked woman doesn't interest you much. And, even if it does, you won't be playing it over more than once or twice. There is little to recommend the game beyond eye candy.
Making matters worse was a game engine not unlike Myst, at around the time that many gamers were getting sick and tired of that type of game (so many Myst clones were released in prior years, and only one or two of them were any good!). While the nudity in the game was not a bad game element at all --let's just say that this game had as much sex as most games have violence, and leave it at that-- this 3-CD game was over in one night of gameplay. To be honest, Riana Rouge was far from the worst game I ever played; it's not even the worst game I played in 1997 (that honor goes to Lords of Tantrazz and Meat Puppet). However, for all the effort put into it, you'd expect something more...
WindowsComputer Games Magazine
See Riana's bosoms strain against mediocrity in a script that couldn't possibly be saved. You'll find yourself sporadically laughing and shaking your head, wondering if they could possibly have been serious. Let's hope, for their sake, that they were not.
WindowsPC Player (Germany)
Immerhin repräsentiert Schauspielerin Gillian Bonner mit ihren Qualitäten hervorragend den geistigen Zustand des gesammten Machwerks. Das Niveau dieses aus Acrylperücken, Latexklamotten, schlechten Akteuren, dilettantischer Tricktechnik und schlüpfrigem Möchtegern-Humor bestehendem Gehirnkramps könnte noch nicht einmal eine Coproduktion von Russ Meyer und Ed Wood unterbieten.