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Ribbit King

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PlayStation 2

Advertising Blurbs - GameCube/PlayStation 2 (French):


    Découvrez ce jeu original et très drôle, à consommer seul ou entre copains sans modération !

    Le GROLF est un jeu de sport consistant à envoyer des grenouilles sur un parcours rempli de gadgets.
    Le but du jeu est d'essayer d'obtenir le meilleur score tout en essayant d'envoyer la grenouille dans le trou.


    • Découvrez ce jeu au prix très attrayant ! Lumineux et drôle, ce jeu en 3D de très bonne qualité vous promet des heures de rire et de détente ! Les adeptes des jeux à plusieurs seront conquis ! Ce jeu très fun peut se jouer jusqu'à 4
    • 2 modes de jeu : Scénario (Mode Solo) et Tournoi

    Contributed by Xoleras (66127) on Sep 25, 2005.

Back of Case - PlayStation 2:
    Play as Scooter to become the Frolf Champion and win the coveted Super Ribbinite. The future of your planet depends on you!

  • For 1-4 players
  • Win games to unlock exclusive RibbitKing Plus movie clips!
  • Story and VS modes
  • Lots of wacky characters and their froggy friends to choose from
  • Encounter obstacles and collect many weird but helpful items in your adventures




    Contributed by Corn Popper (69652) on Feb 07, 2005.

Official Ribbit King Web Site:
    Scooter must hurry to save his planet!  Power supplies are running out and to save them he must compete in a Frolf (Frog-golf) Tournament to win the coveted “Super Ribbinite”.  Help Scooter become the champion as he battles many strange characters and challenging courses on his Frolf Tour through 5 different worlds.  Defeat all opponents to win The Frolf Cup and the Super Ribbinite prize.  Planet Hippitron is counting on you!

    So, how do I become champion?
    Aim to become the universe’s top Frolfer!  Sink the frog in the hole for a Frog-In.  But watch out for the many obstacles and traps that you’ll encounter along the way.  Each of the 5 planets has a very unique environment with lots of traps that you’ll need to avoid, but also lots of wacky characters to encounter and items you’ll want to collect.

    Contributed by Terrence Bosky (5231) on Aug 21, 2004.