A GameCube version of this game was developed too, but it was cancelled halfway though the project due to the bad sales figure GameCube games where showing.

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This game is a descendant to the Rally Championship series of games. Before it was licensed as "Richard Burns", the internal development name for this game was simply Rally7, as in Rally Championship 7.

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Richard Burns Rally won four awards at the 2004 Sim-Racing Awards, voted by users at sim racing website Blackhole Motorsports: Best Gameplay, Best Physics Model, Surprise of the Year & Game of the Year!

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You may presume that the game was developed for the consoles and then ported to the PC, as there are no TCP/IP or LAN multiplayer options, but strangely, it is the other way around. Luckily, a programmer called Racer_S developed the multiplayer mod RBRnet which allows you to race against an opponent (ghost car) over a network. You can download the tool here.

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The PC version was released on DVD in the UK, France, Germany and Australia and on CD-Rom in Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and Poland. As for now, there are no plans for a North American release.

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