Ricochet Infinity Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Reflexive Entertainment logo.
Main menu.
Options screen.
Display options.
Beginning of the new level.
New brick type introducing.
Nice explosion :)
Laser blaster gun.
You can control direction of your balls.
I've got a shield expander.
Using ball catcher.
Three rings left.
Just another screenshot.
Ship helper.
Meet the invader...
...and say goodbye :)
Safety bumper.
Rings... I need all of them,,,
3 way ball split.
All golden rings collected!
The time for scores has come.
Level complete.
Resume game screen.
Each ship has it's own speciality.
During the game you can activate them by "Ship Specialty" bonus.
You will collect some balls with different style.
Multiplayer is available via "Mouse Party".