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AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.2
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Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.4
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.1
Overall User Score (8 votes) 3.5

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The Video Game Critic (Apr 01, 2006)
My main issue with Ridge Racer 6 lies with the convoluted user interface and its excessive number of menus and prompts. Between races in the single player mode, I had to wade through 10 screens, 14 prompts, and 4 load screens! Still, with its unrivaled playability and unapologetic arcade style, Ridge Racer 6 is my favorite of the initial crop of 360 racers.
Game Chronicles (Jan 05, 2006)
It’s one of those games that relies more on instincts and experience than reflexes, and it is easily the best looking racer and one of the two best looking games currently available on the Xbox 360.
GameSpy (Nov 22, 2005)
Let's cut to the chase here. You've probably just bought an Xbox 360, or you're on the verge of doing so. You're looking for a racing game. Preferably one that lets you get in depth with real licensed cars and real tracks, right? Realistic physics that make you feel like you're behind the wheel, right? Excellent! Check out our Project Gotham Racing 3 review! If you're looking for a racing title that's just all about drifting, powersliding, and arcade-style peels on the asphalt, then you're on the right page. Make no mistakes about it: Ridge Racer 6 follows the same formula that past titles in the franchise have done. It's more of the same. What it ultimately comes down to is: Are you into the same, or are you over the same?
DreamStation.cc (Jan 04, 2006)
Ridge Racer 6 is a great game and a nice addition to the Xbox 360 launch lineup. It is not as deep in gameplay options as other racing games on the market or on the Xbox 360 right now, but I don't think that is what Namco was going for with the game. It seems like they wanted to make a high-speed arcade racing game that takes advantage of the increased power of the Xbox 360 while introducing nitrous boosting options that enhance the classic Ridge Racer formula without breaking it. If this was their goal then I think they accomplished that and the game should entertain any Ridge Racer fan or anyone looking for a plain and simple arcade racing game that has lots of races to unlock and compete in with a touch of online play and ranking modes to keep you busy after you have beat all the competition offline.
1UP (Nov 18, 2005)
It's amazing to think that with the exception of the recent Ridge Racers for PSP, there hasn't been a bona fide addition to the series since Ridge Racer V on PS2, and that was in the year 2000, making it nearly 6 years since we last raced ridges. Talk about forgetting on which side your bread was buttered. Of course, a lot of this had to do with various key members of the Ridge Racer team having scattered to the four winds, but considering that Ridge Racer was the dominant racing franchise of the 32-bit era, let's just say this has been a long time coming.
Planet Xbox 360 (Mar 05, 2006)
Ridge Racer 6 is really a game you’ll either love or hate. This fact is clearly shown by its fantastic sales in Japan, but very poor ones in the USA. If you’re a fan of simple arcade racers, there are few better around. If smashing things is you’re style, you may be better waiting for the even faster and frantic Burnout Revenge re-release on 360. Fans of the Ridge Racer series will love 6, and those who abandoned the series after 4 should try again with 6. Racing purists will hate it, but if you’re looking for fun over realism, and can see past the fake licenses and niggles, hours of fun are waiting to be had. If you have played any other RR or the similar handling of Outrun 2, you know what to expect, otherwise it may be worth a rent first. Overall though I view it as a great game, which dare I say it, has some CRAZY moves!
GameSpot (Nov 22, 2005)
The Ridge Racer series began in the arcades, but it became synonymous with Sony's PlayStation line of game consoles. Each of Sony's three pieces of game hardware have launched with a Ridge Racer game right there next to it. The series has appeared on other platforms throughout history, but these have traditionally been a repackaging of existing Ridge Racer games. The Sony/Namco streak is broken now, because Ridge Racer 6 is now available just in time for the launch of the Xbox 360. The drift-crazy driving action is intact, as fast as ever, and comes along with a robust online ranking and racing system that breathes new life into the long-running franchise.
PlayDevil (May 16, 2006)
The latest version of "Ridge Racer" hits the X-Box 360. As nothing has much changed, version 6 still offers a great offline and online package for any Ridge Racer fanatic. Great graphics and stylish soundtracks will even enhance the experience a bit more. The game is also loaded with 'Live' features so if you have a Live account, you definitely must check the online bit out! While every Ridge Racer fan knows exactly what they're getting and won't be disappointed, new gamers that never played any RR game before might find it a bit weird to play. But in the end, you'll get used to it and perhaps even love it.
Totally Gaming Network (Jan 24, 2006)
So, with a final word to write and a constantly changing scale for the review, it's really hard to pin down the big draws of Ridge Racer 6, but at the same time, it's still as hard to note its pitfalls. The best thing anyone can do is rent the game. You'll love it or hate it, but you will keep playing it, and that's where it's true to its five predecessors; It's just so playable. Anyway, enough of me...On with the scores!
GotNext (Apr 04, 2006)
While it certainly offers many hours of playtime and enjoyment, don't expect Ridge Racer 6 to push your Xbox 360 to its 'lucid dream' potential. It's fast, fun and certainly worth your buck with online play, but if you really want to show off your 360's abilities with a racing game, scoop up PGR3 or the newly minted Burnout Revenge for the 360 instead.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Jan 10, 2006)
You know when you get to the end of a fairly negative preview and it says, "there's every chance that the developers might manage to turn it around," and really what you're being told is that there's sod all chance of that happening? It's depressing. It's depressing to have to write. So then, imagine how refreshing it feels when you discover that they have.
Play.tm (May 30, 2006)
While not as significant as many of the other games in the series, Ridge Racer 6 does a supreme job of being the arcade racer many have known and loved for years. While fans of the series and newcomers alike won't be blown away with what this latest reincarnation throws at you, Ridge Racer 6 is by no stretch of the imagination a bad game. Although a tad bland, anyone looking for a no compromise classic arcade racer would do well to check this out.
Kombo.com (Dec 23, 2005)
Ridge Racer 6 is graphically impressive and a lot of fun to play, but has stiff competition from the system’s more glorified racers like Project Gotham Racing 3 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Basically, Ridge Racer 6 comes in third place. If you are the type of person that wants more realism in your racing games, then by all means steer clear of Ridge Racer 6. However, if you are a fan of arcade racing and already own PGR3, then give Ridge Racer 6 a test run because it may very well be one of the finest arcade racers ever released on a console.
Still, the lack of car damage, depth and real collision physics continue to make this feel like nothing more than a prettier version of PSone era-racing. Ridge Racer: I keep getting older; it stays the same age.
4Players.de (Jan 24, 2006)
Ridge Racer bzw. Ridge Racer Revolution war damals für mich der Kaufgrund für eine PlayStation. Würde ich mir für Ridge Racer 6 eine Xbox 360 kaufen? Nein. Denn dafür ist der Titel einfach zu gewöhnlich, zu durchschnittlich. Das Nitro-Feature ist nett, aber nicht neu. Einige Strecken sehen hervorragend aus, wären aber auch auf der Xbox ohne größere Abstriche möglich gewesen und wirken insgesamt zu leblos. Das Geschwindigkeitsgefühl ist hoch, aber nicht sensationell. Irgendwie hat man ständig das Gefühl, als fehle dem Titel an allen Ecken und Enden dieses gewisse Etwas, das manch anderer Arcade-Racer. Was bleibt, ist die gute Spielbarkeit, dank der ihr mit Leichtigkeit tolle Drift-Manöver ausführt und über die Strecken prescht. Hat man sich aber erst an den Kursen satt gesehen, lässt der Fahrspaß spürbar nach.
Next Level Gaming (Nov 23, 2005)
Ridge Racer 6 isn't going to challenge Project Gotham Racing 3 for being the best racing game on this brand new next-generation system. But to be fair, no one is really going to be able to challenge Bizarre Creations for a while. But Ridge Racer 6 has it's place on the 360. It's mostly as an online game, which I have been enjoying quite a bit. Unfortunately, in order to unlock cars and tracks, I have to run through a somewhat boring single player game. I say boring because it's too easy. All in all, I still like the game. And I think if some of you rented it, you might see the coolness of it too. True "Next-Generation" racing? Not really. Solid and fun racer that makes good use of the Xbox 360's graphic chips and Xbox Live? I would say so.
For fans, just go ahead and add this title to your 360 collection - you'll love it as a solid and full-featured entry to the series. For those who have fallen off of the wagon, I can't say that this able, but very traditional entry will change your mind about the series.
Jeuxvideo.com (Jan 19, 2006)
Alors qu'il sera l'épisode de la confirmation pour les fans de la série, ce dernier volet ne déchaînera pas les passions chez des joueurs moins assidus, malgré le plaisir que l'on retire à user et abuser de l'art du drift. Graphiquement en deçà de ce que l'on espérait, il reste tout de même un très bon jeu d'arcade, divertissant et proposant un pilotage aussi subtil qu'accessible.
Gaming Target (Jun 13, 2006)
Ridge Racer 6 comes from developer Namco and has the task of flanking PGR3 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted as the spearhead of the Xbox 360’s racing section. Namco has delivered many entries (of varying quality) in the Ridge Racer series previously, but the games were never usually put up against very strong competition – in this case, PGR3 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted.
Armchair Empire, The (Feb 03, 2006)
Ridge Racer 6 is recommended for nuance-loving race fans. With the amount of fore-thought and planning required to win, casual fans are likely to frustrated. Still, solid arcade racers aren't thick on the ground at the moment Ridge Racer 6 might be a rental to even casual fans.
Factornews (Jan 19, 2006)
Ridge Racer 6, malgré une réalisation tout juste correcte et surtout pas vraiment à la hauteur que ce que peut offrir la Xbox 360, démontre une fois de plus la simplicité et l'efficacité de son gameplay. Même s'il peut paraître minimaliste pour les néophytes et les hermétiques à la série, qui ne verront là qu'un bête Ridge Racer de plus, une fois plongé dedans, on découvre toutes ses nouvelles petites subtilités qui font qu'on n'en décroche qu'au bout de longues heures de jeu.
Yahoo! Games (Nov 22, 2005)
Another console launch, another Ridge Racer game. Fans of the series will find this a familiar racer -- its drift-heavy, arcadey style hasn't changed for years. Although it's gorgeous-looking, the audio is a disappointment, and the game just doesn't match up to the quality and variety of the other two launch-window racing games. We've come a long way in the 11 years since the original Ridge Racer, but this series is standing still.
Jolt (UK) (Apr 11, 2006)
When it comes down to it, though, Ridge Racer 6 offers neither the palm-moistening, heart-racing action of a really great arcade racer, nor the challenge and satisfying controls of a decent simulation. It seems that Namco has seriously misjudged the level of challenge in the game, and while later hidden races offer much more of a test of your skills, you have to wonder if it’s worth the effort of getting there. We might suggest you rent it, but you’d still have to trudge through the mindless World Xplorer mode to get to the good stuff. Unless you’re really cack-handed at racing games or can talk your gran into unlocking the worthwhile challenges for you, you’re better off looking elsewhere.
Extreme Gamer (Nov 20, 2005)
Ridge Racer 6 is the ultimate classic racer, but keeping that classic approach hurts the end product. Ridge Racer is just too basic when compared to the competition. Its fun for the first while, but it grows old quick. Besides the obvious the Xbox 360 edition doesn't have anything on the PSP version. This is a rental at the most, and then you can decide if track memorization is worth the trill of high speed nitro.
Video Game Talk (Dec 12, 2005)
There's no reason to get this game with Project Gotham Racing 3 already on the market. If you are a die-hard racing enthusiast you might get a few hours of play out of this game, but you'll soon find yourself posting it on Ebay or the DVDTalk Video Game Trading Forum. If there is such a thing as a Ridge Racer Fan, then certainly that person will enjoy this game since it's no different than the other Ridge Racers they put out.
Ridge Racer 6 doesn't try to be any different. It doesn't need to be, but it's hard to defend a game that fails to try anything to break up its own design monotony. This franchise needs a push in every area and at least one new idea. Until then, this is a satisfactory (and maybe a little more) romp for long time fans and an utter disaster for die-hard racing game players. Be aware of what you're looking at before spending the money.
GamePro (US) (Nov 23, 2005)
When the Ridge Racer series emerged on home consoles, it established itself as the one of the leading arcade-styled racers. Fast forward a couple generations, and unfortunately it's changed so little over the years that other hot rods have long since caught up.
Diehard GameFan (Dec 11, 2005)
Another disappointment from Namco. There’s nothing terribly wrong with the game so much as there is that’s just old and tired. Chalk Ridge Racer up as another series that needs a definite break or a massive re-invention. As it is, it’s just another bland racer in a sea of racers, and though it pains me to say it, you could do a lot better than this.
Netjak (Apr 07, 2006)
Ultimately, Ridge Racer 6 is a lame duck racer. It comes off as far too simplistic and far too easy to ever be of any fun. There is little reason to play the game more than once (or even finish it in hindsight) since the rewards are nil. At $60, this game is an absolute rip-off and I would even balk at renting it, even if you have an unlimited GameFly subscription. If you want racing, just keep on driving past this one.