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The best racing game for the PS1 ! PlayStation DANIEL HAWKS ! (1896)
A great start PlayStation Mik_1_ (18)
One of the greatest racing games of all time!!! A true classic!!! PlayStation pottyboy (67)

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Arcade 4 4.3
PlayStation 31 3.7
Combined User Score 35 3.7

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PlayStationGamePro (US)
The best racing game to date for home systems, Ridge Racer definitely outpaces Daytona USA. Until Cruisin' USA for the Ultra 64 arrives, Ridge is king of the track.
PlayStationVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
In Wipeout and other such upcoming Playstation titles, Ridge Racer's influence on the gaming world is already being felt. Atari's Pole Position defined the driving simulation standard for over ten years. Now, with Ridge Racer, the torch has been passed to a new generation of games.
PlayStationHobby Consolas
Uno de esos juegos por los que merece la pena tener una PlayStation.
PlayStationGameFan Magazine
When it comes to racers as outstanding as Daytona (SS) and Ridge Racers (PS), it's hard to pick winners, but I feel compelled to share my insights. I personally prefer Daytona, both for it's deeper gameplay and it's eccentric, but joy-filled audio. That said, RR is a near-flawless arcade translation, suffering from little of the graphic pop-up that blemished Daytona. This is definitely a driving dream and even though there's only one track, the variety of track set-up options keeps it fresh. An experience not to be missed!
PlayStationCD Player
Zugegeben, nur ein Kurs ist ein bißchen wenig, dafür übertrifft die grafische Extraklasse und spielerische Eleganz von «Ridge Racer« jedes Konkurrenz-Produkt. Die Computerfahrer erweisen sich als harte Gegner, faszinierende Kurven-Fahrten mit Slide-Technik und stampfende Techno-Musik erzeugen eine prickelnde Atmosphäre. Ridge Racer ist nicht nur dazu geeignet, Spiele-Greenhorns von der Leistungsfähigkeit moderner Konsolen zu überzeugen, sondern garantiert auch Langzeit-Motivation. Man kann immer ein paar Zehntel schneller fahren, den Kurs rückwärts meistern, dem schwarzen Lamborghini ein Schnippchen schlagen oder einfach nur zum Spaß durch den Tunnel flitzen. Das ruppigere «Daytona USA« für Segas Saturn ist grafisch nicht ganz so schick wie Ridge Racer, bietet aber mehr Strecken-Substanz. Beide Titel sind absolut lohnenswert und kommen gut miteinander aus.
After its half-year journey onto the PlayStation, Ridge Racer has managed to fulfil almost all expectations. (To satisfy those who demand a little bit more, Namco maintains that the game also has a few hidden surprises for players to discover.) This achievement is all the more remarkable when you consider the price of the game in Japan – a mere £37. From the brief but perfect game of Galaxians that you can play while the game boots up, to the dazzling graphics and arcade-perfect music and speech, Ridge Racer is the killer app that Namco – and Sony – can be proud of. And this is just the beginning…
PlayStationComing Soon Magazine
Ridge Racer is a racing simulation for the Sony Playstation that brings high speed racing into your living room or wherever you happen to use your Playstation.
PlayStationMega Fun
Vergleichen wollen wir Ridge Racer mit Daytona. In Sachen Beschleunigung und High Speed haben die Namco-Renner eindeutig die Nase vorn, die schwarze Flunder deklassiert die schwerfälligen Sega-Stock Cars förmlich. Während Daytona von der Zahl seiner Strecken lebt, heimst sich Ridge Racer durch technische Brillanz vor, während und nach den Rennen Vorteile ein. Das Mehr an Perspektiven des Sega-Racers ist subjektiv gesehen ein Riesenvorteil, objektiv gesehen aber ein Blender, da nur maximal zwei von diesen exakte Lenkmanöver zulassen. Das entscheidende Kapitel ist jedoch die Steuerung, und hier hat Daytona den Spoiler knapp vorn. Das soll nicht heißen, daß Ridge Racer weniger gut spielbar wäre, gerade mit dem NegCon von Namco ist Spielhallenfeeling pur geboten. Doch ist das Fahrverhalten für meinen Geschmack etwas zu sehr auf schnelle Reaktionen ausgelegt. Unterm Strich begeistern beide Umsetzungen. alleine der persönliche Geschmack entscheidet über erster oder zweiter Sieger.
PlayStationElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Ever since this came out for the Playstation, I haven't had to go back to the arcade. You'll get the same feeling - and you won't have to worry about quarters. All of the tracks and then some are here, as well as killer music that sets the tone of the game. From every S-turn to the final straightaway, the intense racing never ends. This could be the best racer of the year.
PlayStationGame Players
Again, don't get me wrong, it's still a very good game, but it ain't as good as it could be. Even without any direct competition, I'd still be kind of lukewarm about it. Considering you've got at least one other excellent racing game to choose from, there's just no other way to call it.
PlayStationMAXIMUM Magazine
In short, Ridge Racer is well worth purchasing. However, it seems like extremely bad planning for Sony to release two road racers at launch - particularly when both of them are the only games really worth buying in the initial line-up.
PlayStationRetrogaming History
Ridge Racer è una delle tappe fondamentali per la nascita del videogioco di massa. Si tratta infatti della prima trasposizione di un titolo arcade Namco per Playstation. Il divertimento della versione da sala c’è tutto così come la garanzia dell’aspetto estetico fedele all’originale. L’unico ostacolo all’intrattenimento risiede in meccaniche ormai perse nei meandri nel tempo e quindi difficilmente accettabili dalle nuove generazioni.
PlayStationAll Game Guide
Overall, Ridge Racer is a fun title that racing fans, especially those who can't get enough of the power slide, will love. If you're only half interested in racing games, I'd suggest a rental. Either way, you'll most definitely have fun with Ridge Racer. You might also try Ridge Racer Revolution or Rage Racer.
However, it's not all sweetness and light. There's no two-player mode, and everyone knows there's nothing more fun in a racing game than driving against your friends. Also, the cars don't really vary in performance that much. Most are just middle of the road, with the exception of the fast yellow car. Power slides a-plenty! Overall, though, Ridge Racer has definitely stood the test of time. Think about it: Ridge Racer is almost two years old. And in videogame years, that's a lifetime.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic
The game incorporates two very original features that were notable in 1995 but never caught on. First, you could play a mini-game of Galaxian while the game was loading, and earning a perfect score would award you with a bonus in the main game! After the game was fully loaded, you could remove the Ridge Racer CD and replace it with a music CD of your choice, which would play during the game! I always thought the original Foo Fighters CD worked very well. Ridge Racer was truly a landmark title in its time, and its easy arcade style has really stood the test of time.