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The capabilities of the machine means that whatever sort of game it tackles, it does it well. Riding Hero is an excellent example of a racing game, and one that you can get up and play easily. The adventure element keeps interest riding high for ages, and once you've beaten that, there's no reason only you shouldn't come back and play this highly entertaining and playable product.
Had it not been for the nifty story mode, this game wouldn't even be worth writing a review for. Making a game with controls like this is simply lazy programming. Not only is it a blatant rip-off of classics like Hang-On (and a really bad one at that), but it's for a console that had carts costing consumers $200 a pop. This is simply inexcusable.
Neo GeoThe Video Game Critic (Sep 06, 2002)
Unfortunately, the other riders like to bump you off the road, and it's especially frustrating when they bump you from behind since you can't see them coming! The World Grand Prix mode is mildly addicting, and lets you advance from one track to the next, saving between races. A separate story mode allows you to move around a town, talk to people, and earn money in races, but it didn't exactly win me over. All you do is choose an adversary and bet on each race you enter, and the text is an unintentional comedy of awkward wording and grammatical errors. The third mode is the "multi-play" mode that allows two players to compete head to head, and Riding Hero comes with the necessary link wire. It's mildly amusing, but Riding Hero is not one of the better Neo Geo titles.
Neo Geo CDIMPLANTgames (Mar 15, 2009)
Overall, Riding Hero is a terrible game with few redeeming factors. The graphics are average at best and the sound is poor. Riding Hero features a neat control concept, but the game is completely unplayable due to the unforgiving time limits and the erratic opponents who crash into you and ruin your race. I cannot recommend this game to anyone, not even hardcore racing fans. Avoid this mess.