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Ring: The Legend of the Nibelungen (Windows)

Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

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Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.9
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.4
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 2.9
Overall User Score (11 votes) 3.1

Critic Reviews

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Power Unlimited
Ring is een groots adventure met epsiche proporties, met werelden en lokaties die zelfs de grootste fantast nog niet zou bedenken. Intrigerend, tot de verbeelding sprekend en grafisch ware kunst. Het is allemaal wel doodserieus en de gesprekken zijn soms zware kost. Voor de rest niets dan lof over Ring.
PC Zone
Essentially, this is a really nice effort at transferring something with class, style and intellectualism to your computer screen. It's not perfect, but at least it makes a welcome change to just wading, guns blazing, through the latest in a long line of blood and gore shooting fests. Go on, give Ring a try. You never know, your brain may even thank you for it.
Power Play
Tja, dieser Test war wieder mal alles andere als einfach, und zwar aus einem ganz bestimmten Grund: Es gibt in Deutschland Leute, die einen Computer haben (und damit spielen), und es gibt Leute, die auf Wagner und seine Walküren abfahren. Aber beides zusammen dürfte eher selten sein. Hinter der Frage, für wen das Spiel denn wohl gemacht ist, stehen also nach wie vor etliche Fragezeichen. Andererseits soll es ja unter Abenteurern experimentierfreudige Menschen geben, und die kann ich nur bestärken, denn auch (und vielleicht sogar gerade) wenn man vom Ring keinen blassen Schimmer hat, spielt sich das Game wie ein etwas esoterisches Adventure mit berauschender Grafik und toller Musik. Allzu schwer ist es freilich nicht, und die Rätsel erfordern manchmal eher Intuition und Emotion als Logik. Unsere Endnote ist daher letzten Endes ein etwas unbefriedigender Kompromiß, aber für (noch) höhere Weihen ist das Spiel einfach zu weit weg von allen je betretenen Pfaden.
Mystery Manor
The look of the game is both dark and beautiful, utilizing mostly dark tones (black, burnt ochre, indigo) and detailed, stylized backgrounds. Every character is original and interesting, from the grotesquely blubbery Alberich to the gorgeous (and quite naked) Water Maidens. Although not as amazing, vibrant and fully realized as his gorgeous artwork for the game Salammbo, Druillet has given us something completely original to look at in nearly every frame of Ring. Sadly, as in Salammbo, some of the detail suffers from being presented in a 640 x 480 resolution. Nevertheless, both games look better than most other games that I’ve played recently. The sheer creativity involved in the graphic design does much to help carry the gamer through many of Ring’s flaws. In conclusion, playing Ring is a bit like watching one of the Wagnerian operas on which it is based if you don’t speak German: you may not understand it but you can sit back and enjoy the spectacle.
Just Adventure
I think it would have been a good idea with this game if the makers had used a pre-game introduction built into the story, like in Riddle of the Sphinx. This epic is far to complicated to be dropped off somewhere in the middle and to be expected to make sense of it at all – especially if like me, you have no previous knowledge of Wagner’s opera. I did look at the story of the operas after I had completed the game – (typical of me – I always jump in and learn to swim afterwards!) Some of the main elements of the Ring Cycle appear to have been included, but it’s by no means a full representation and whilst this might have been a mammoth task it could possibly have produced a real masterpiece. Whatever the outcome, it would certainly have increased the length of the game. I used the walkthrough as reference a couple of times and it took me about 8 hours to play - an easy weekend completion.
PC Player (Germany)
Die relativ geringe Puzzle-Dichte und der recht lineare Spielverlauf machen den Ring des Nibelungen zu einem Spiel für Adventure-Einsteiger. Doch auch Klassik-Liebhaber und Freunde ausgefallener Ideen dürfen sich an Ishs Geschichte wagen. Hoffen wir, daß der zweite Teil der Geschichte in dieser Hinsicht ausgebaut wird.
GameStar (Germany)
Endlich eine Story abseits ausgetretener Adventure-Pfade – der Ring des Nibelungen zog mich (trotz fehlender Wagner-Kenntisse) schon beim ersten Anspielen tief in die epische Geschichte um Liebe und Neid. Wunderschöne Grafiken und die inspirierende Musik tragen ebenfalls zum Abenteuer-Fest bei. Doch unter der hübschen Hülle verbergen sich auch einige Ungereimtheiten. Ein kleiner Fehlklick kann den Tod meiner Figur zur Folge haben – diese Unsitte sollte doch schon längst ausgestorben sein. Zudem sind einige Rätsel etwas zu unlogisch geraten, wodurch ich mehrmals Ewigkeiten umhergeirrt bin, bis ich durch stumpfes Ausprobieren Erfolg hatte.
PC Games (Germany)
An der Story gibt es wenig auszusetzen: Äußerst komplex und sehr spannend und mitunter gar witzig präsentieren sich die vier einzelnen Episoden. Einige der späteren Rätsel erinnern stark an das Fantasy-Adventure Riven, was die Fans von LucasArts-Witzeleien aber eher abschrecken dürfte. Die Grafik ist beeindruckend - allerdings nur in den gerenderten Zwischensequenzen, die jedoch einen sehr großen Teil des gesamten Spiels ausmachen. Wer vermeintlich höheres Kulturgut auf unterhaltsame Weise kennenlernen möchte, wird hier bestens bedient. Und wer Wagner mag, wird der Versuchung des Rings nicht widerstehen können.
Dieser Ring ist wohl nicht jedermanns Ding - so, wie sich auch an der musikalischen Vorlage die Geister scheiden. Wer gesteigerten Wert auf grandiose Optik und Akustik legt, wird von Cryos Epos-Spiel nicht enttäuscht werden. Wer sich jedoch traditionelles Adventure-Gameplay weit abseits von Myst und Obsidian verspricht, sollte tunlichst die Finger von diesem Schmuckstück lassen.
Adventure Gamers
I’ve read reviews that actually criticize the visuals in the game. I would be happy to make an optometrist appointment for any of these unfortunately, visually impaired writers. Trust me on this one, folks. The graphics are a knock-out. The second reason we stayed glued to the computer and devoured this game in two sittings is the excellent collection of puzzles. We found the puzzles in Ring to be just plain fun. Not terribly hard or complicated, but engaging, imaginative and varied. We got to play with a little planetarium, build a golem, melt a series of ingots, fiddle with a hologram blueprint, and lots of other stuff. Yes, they are strange, and some are even a bit illogical. But they certainly weren’t the same old thing, which we really appreciated.
אם לסכם במשפט, המשחק מאכזב מאוד. הרעיון של שילוב האופרה היה יכול להצליח אם קריו היו מנצלים אותו בצורה עלילתית טובה, ובתוכה משלבים את החידות. אם כבר לבצע את החטא ו``להמליץ`` למישהו על הכותר, אז רק לשוחרי האופרה. אולי הם יבינו את המשחק ויצליחו להפיק ממנו הנאה.
Ring is a remarkably entertaining adventure game which, unlike Cryo's Atlantis, doesn't feature timed sequences, I'm pleased to say. It's definitely one of the best to come out of Cryo for a long time and full credit for this must go to the developers, Arxel Tribe. It's ambitious in scope though at times let down by execution, for example, the child on the fuzzy monitor screen didn't work for me. On the other hand many of the problems and puzzles are quite intriguing and enjoyable and are largely in keeping with the particular character and chapter you are playing.
Attack Games
Varje äventyr är helt fristående och kan spelas i den ordning du känner för. Grafiken är mycket snygg och mycket annorlunda och kan ses i 360 grader. Spelet är lite utflipprat, och passar bäst för dig som inte föredrar mainstream-spel.
UHS (Universal Hint System)
If you are aware of its shortcomings, playing the Ring is enjoyable. It can fill some hours while you are waiting for something better to come along. I liked the fact that it was a "true" adventure and did not contain any tricky action segments. Lack of violence was one of its good points as well as the graphics and music quality. Negatives include the jerky voices, a few unnecessary puzzles, shortness of game play, and a disappointing ending. Let us hope that the advertised sequel will be an improvement!
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
I have said it before, and I will say it again: Impressive graphics and music do not a great game make. One time, when I did go to an opera, I sat through the entire performance not knowing what was going on, in part because it was in a different language. I am afraid that is how many people will feel after playing this title. Those who love opera or folklore may appreciate Ring more than most, but even they may be put off by its attempt to integrate avant-garde punk imagery with traditional mythology. Now when I listen to Wagner's great music, the whole glorious experience is contaminated.
The legendary opera traces the origin and lives of the ancient Germanic gods, and their rise of power through deceit, betrayal and manipulation of earthly beings. Now that's some heavy stuff that sounds like it would make a kick-ass game, huh? Even if it is a Myst-inspired point-and-click adventure. Well, while the opera is seen as one of the cornerstones of German mythology, the game is abysmal at best, with little to no gameplay offered over the course of four CDs, which you'll run through faster than Head Games can release a new Extreme title.
Leaping onto my computer chair, I fed the computer Disk 1 of 4. Watching the intro I thought to myself that this wasn't quite what I expected. As the first hour crawled by I remember wishing that I had listened more carefully to the cashier and to that little place in the pit of my stomach.
I can only recommend this game to an opera buff, or someone tired of waiting for a new adventure game.
Game Revolution
The only pearls in this mess is the original art behind the game and the music. Poor Richard Wagner is probably rolling in his grave. Even if it had the graphics, without strong gameplay and logical puzzles, Ring snaps under its own weighted ambitions. Don't let the images of the almost naked girls on the back of their box deceive you -- they're probably straight off some SGI workstatation. Just remember this: The Nazis almost dragged Wagner down with them, don't let Ring finish the job.