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Print advertisement - PC Player 061996:

    Ein Millionen-Teile-Puzzle
    ist für Dich nur eine Fingerübung,

    das universale Chaos ist für dich ganz logisch

    und Sherlock Holmes bist Du immer eine Pfeinlänge voraus!

    und jetzt?

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    Das größte Rätsel Deines Lebens

    PC PLAYER 1/96
    "Knackige Rätsel und gute Grafik"

    PC GAMES 12/96
    Spiel des Monats

    POWER PLAY 1/96
    Einfach Brillant!


    Deutsche Version als PC CD-ROM ab sofort erhältlich

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (194487) on Apr 10, 2010.

From Computer Game Review, April 1996:

    A two thousand year old mystery riddled with danger.

    Can you unravel it... or will it unravel you?

    Are you part detective, part thrill-seeking adventurer? You'd better be! Join Robert Ripley, famed explorer and collector of the bizarre, to solve one of the most intriguing true-life mysteries of the ancient world.

    Thrust into the year 1936, you uncover a secret plot to rule the world using an age-old talisman of mystic power. Now, it's up to you to stop the sinister plan of an evil nemesis. But time is running out! Race to exotic locations, gathering clues to unlock a 2,000 year old riddle. Defy diabolical death traps and solve mystifying puzzles! Can you survive up to 60 hours of incredible globe hopping adventure packed with intrigue and danger?

    Explore more than 200 breathtaking and historically detailed environments. Interact with over 40 live video characters. Super VGA graphics, a richly textured soundtrack, and breakthrough technology deliver captivating realism like never before... Believe It or Not! Don't miss out on the adventure of a lifetime! Take the challenge of this revolutionary gaming experience home!

    " of those seemingly rare adventure games that manages to merge both graphic and story..." -Strategy Plus

    "Exotic locales, cliff-hanging situations, fast-paced storytelling, fascinating characters, diabolical puzzles. The Riddle of Master Lu seems to have it all." -PC Gamer

    Contributed by Belboz (6581) on Aug 31, 2001.

Back Side of the Box European Edition:
    The Year is 1936. The planet is teetering on the brink of a world war. A Talisman of enormous power, the imperial seal of the first emperor of China could tip the balance of power for the one who possesses it.

    Players take on the role of Robert Ripley, adventurer, world traveller, collector of the strange and bizarre, real-life creator of the "believe it or not!" odditoriums with your constant companion Mei Chen, mistress of the martial arts. You must prevent the seal from falling into the hands of a ruthless enemy. Along the way, you must also acquire new attractions to keep your Odditorium in New York in business, as the museum's revenue funds your globe-trotting adventures.

    *An original story based upon a baffling true-life mystery of the ancient world.

    * Explore over 200 authentic and historically accurate environments, including Peiping, Easter Island and a lost city in the Andes.

    * Use of unique cinematic techniques depicting character emotions give this graphic adventure its own distinctive visual style.

    * Rational, real world puzzle-solving offers obstacles with achievable goals for all levels of expertise.

    * An involving and evolving true-live story line for a totally non-linear gaming experience.

    Contributed by Isdaron (730) on Aug 18, 2001.

Unknown Source:
    Experience An Adventure So Realistic You Won't Believe It!

    Contributed by elron (228) on Jul 18, 2000.