Ripley's Believe It or Not!: The Riddle of Master Lu Screenshots

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DOS version

Main menu
Intro sequence - Robert Ripley in seemingly hopeless situation
Ripley with Mei Chen during their airship flight from Egypt
After arrival back to Ripley's Odditorium in New York
Trying to catch a poisonous snake with handling stick
Conversation with Feng Li successfully saved from king cobra
Visiting Posh Express office to book passage to China
Entrance to the Hall of Classics guarded by gatekeeper
Taking rebus amulet from peasant after gave him some yuan
Idylic place with the officer and old lady feeding pigeons
Mei Chen is translating one of the many Chinese tablets
Flight from Peiping to Danzig on the world map
Watching work of a gardener named Wolf in front of a castle
Just found small graveyard with pommee and celtic cross
Talk with younger Baron von Seltsam in his sitting room
Hidden switch opened privy place behind Neptune painting
Ripley is able to get info or sketch cartoon into his journal
Located in front of the Temple of the Hidden Way in Sikkim
Descending from top of the temple with beautiful view
Solving another riddle - put 5 prayer wheels to correct niches
Inside huge maze where I have to find chisel & incense burner
Making a sketch of stele in the Lima's Posh Express office
Just met Dr. Twelvetrees and unwillingly tore arm of her shirt
Mysterious quarry full of big head statues on Easter Island
A little more effort and that settled statue will be dislodged
Setting explosion trap in a shed to 'remove' two bad guys
Rope & tree bridge over breathtaking waterfall in Moca Moche
Short discussion with Emilio Menendez doing excavation here
Between old tower and observatory dome with spider statues
Correct position of the dome revealed color of each symbol
Standing near the display case filled with all new exhibits.
Once again meet gardener Wolf by the Ace of Spades castle.
Observing my turtle inside the tomb of Baron von Seltsam.
Sending a special parcel from Danzig's Posh Express office.
Mei Chen bravely fights with Shen Guo while Ripley nips off.
A page from the journal showing very important symbols.
Survey of broken pottery next to farmer's house under the Mount Li
Pushing a heavy chariot out of the yellow Hall of Soldiers.
Coming to the scary stone block that need to be opened.
Main problem in this room is how to cross an unstable bridge.
You'll see this grave when something goes terribly wrong.