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SNESMega Fun (Apr, 1995)
Koei versteht es wie kaum eine zweite Firma historischen Gehalt mit gediegenem Spielspaß zu verbinden; für mich die perfekte Art von Edutainment. Allein die Aufmachung ist für ein 95er SNES-Game wohl nicht mehr ganz zeitgemäß.
SNESGamePro (US) (May, 1995)
Rise of the Phoenix is a bird of a different feather for Koei fans. The relatively low-level city building may not add up for hardcore accountants. The simplified battle sequences will leave militant players itching for a fight. Chew on Phoenix, and, 30 hours later you may still be hungry.
For those who like this type of game, Rise of the Phoenix is an excellent strategic war simulation. However, fast-action fans will probably be repelled by the deliberate pacing.
Even if these games are slower and more tedious than they need to be, fans of Koei's historical RPGs will enjoy Rise of the Phoenix. It incorporates many familiar features and adds a few new ones.