Rise of the Phoenix Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Opening game play
examine the battle map

PlayStation version

Title screen
Choosing a scenario
Character selection
Main map
Battle screen

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Main menu
Start of the game
On the battlefield
Movement range
City battle

SNES version

A Star Wars type intro
Title screen
Start a new game or load a saved one
Choose a scenario
Scenario storyline
Choose a leader
Background information on a leader
Storyline from a leader's point of view
Main map options
In game options
These menus let the player see detailed info on important subjects
Details on the military
Details of cities
Details on the generals
Details on the rulers
View of the entire map
Information on a city
Military movement options
Movement can only be made where the map is highlighted
Rushing can decrease stamina
Sneaking can decrease spirit
Resting may increase spirit
More military options
Requesting aid
Options when stationed in a city
Choose how much food to give
Soldiers can be drafted from cities
Cultivating the land
Methods of delegation
Choosing a ruler to negotiate with
A ruler became an ally
A plague is spreading
A traitor
Getting attacked
Before the battle starts
Enemies launching their attack
The damage is reflected by a number
A city under siege