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Rise of the Robots


There was actually a Sega CD version in development, which was going to be published by JVC, but it was never released. A preview video exists, but it doesn't show anything from that version, other than a box cover. The "Work in Progress" footage shown is in fact from the DOS version.

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Instinct Design, the developer for Rise of the Robots, claimed that the game would feature 100 frames of animation per robot, with a special key frame system to ensure fluidity of movement. In reality, the game utilized 3 frames of movement for the robot punching, kicking and whatever else.

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Rise of the Robots on PC was released on floppy disks and CD-ROM. The CD-ROM version had an animated intro instead of the stills as seen in the floppy disk version.

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As if the PC port wasn't bad enough, Mirage insisted on porting this waste to nearly every system on the planet! Here's a (nearly) complete list of all known ports of Rise of the Robots:

IBM-PC compatables, Commodore Amiga, Commodore CD32, CD-i, 3DO, Super NES, Genesis, Sega Master System, Game Gear, and Gameboy...that's thus far 10 (yes, TEN!) different ports! That's probably the most ports for any game yet. And yes, they all suck.

And if Mirage didn't stop there, we might even find ports for the Intellivision, Atari 2600, Pong hardware....

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Although the back cover of the case claims that Rise had "original score by legendary rock guitarist Brian May" this can be considered a scam, since the only Brian May music you hear in the game is an approximately 5-seconds long guitar solo at the beginning.

Brain May was penned in to produce the entire soundtrack, however completion was delayed and the soundtrack was not completed in time for the games release.

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It mainly sold well because of the incredible hype that surrounded it. (If you look closely at the front cover you'll see the words "actual in-game screenshot" which is just a plain lie). Just have a look at the advertising blurb on the back of the box. More and more lies..

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