Rise of the Triad: Dark War Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen.
On San Nicolas Island.
Main menu.
Choose Player.
High Scores.
Difficulty selection screen.
Game starts here.
Using the Excalibat.
Eye for an eye.
Look at the flying arm!
Why not? (secret level)
Big Guys with Big Guns
A better screenshot of the infamous bird flip.
Enemy bleeding from the neck.
"Please don't kill me", why not?
Pull the switch .
Game over.

Windows version

Choose what game to play
Title screen with parental warning about violence
The menu of the Comm-Bat choice
If you choose Comm-Bat normal, these are your level choices.
Single player game, choose who you will play as.
Choose your difficulty level
Opening story
Loading screen for episode one, area one of The HUNT Begins.
Enemies and lava columns in The HUNT Begins
A breakable window in The HUNT Begins
The high scores
Using two pistols in Dark War
A rocket launcher in Dark War
Opening story of the single player game of Extreme Rise of the Triad
Starting the single player game of Extreme Rise of the Triad