Risen 2: Dark Waters

Risen 2: Dark Waters Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen and main menu
Cryptic intro
View of Caldera
The hero is now a heavy drinker
Taking items out of a chest
Equipment screen
Viewing the map
Character abilities screen
Enjoying the view
A brief combo tutorial. Nothing special here, just click-click-click (Russian version)
You'll miss a lot until you master your guns
Fighting acid-spitting termites with Patty
Cooking some meat (Russian version)
Browsing through the list of perks (Russian version)
You can fire several cannons in the game
The hero can climb on certain ledges
Shooting minigame
Two-on-two fight at the beach
Books are the source of information about rare collectible items (Russian version)
Some finishing moves are shown in slow motion
Drinking mini-game
Unlocking looks like this
Lighting my way in a dark cave
This spider-like creature seems to be smiling
Mining gold
Digging for treasure
Some really nice effects on waterfalls
Gunshots may deal massive damage
Local girls in risky clothes (Russian version)
Alone on a dark deserted shore surrounded by the drowned - atmospheric!
The gnomes in the world of Risen 2 speak a tongue of half pirate curses and half gibberish (Russian version)
Let's feed the big guy with bombs
A view of Antigua harbor
If your skill is high enough, you can persuade people to do what you want (Russian version)
You are a senseless beast, and I am a superior human with a shooting stick standing on a hill where you can't reach me
Tap a button quickly to release yourself from a panther
The guardian on the isle of the dead
The ship attacked by Kraken
Making a voodoo doll
You can buy and control a monkey for those hard-to-reach areas

Risen 2: Dark Waters Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

Selection screen
Loot screen
Exploring the usual crypts .. there is no proper RPG without them!
Character attribute screen
Inventory and equipment
Map of the current area including fast travel spots
The logbook tracks your quests
Scenery with the local natives at night
... and during the day
The game has waterfalls as well
The port of a town of the second faction
Dialog options
And the local smith sharpening weapons as in every single Gothic game
The quick access menu
Preparing for some confrontation with the guards in the background
Combat is mostly button smashing, life of the opponents is displayed as a red bar above the head.
Yeah well, they sometimes evade
The game also features glitches, like floating characters, which make it sometimes hard to play
Thank god I always travel with a full sized shovel
Treasure ahead
Legendary Items provide you with additional permanent stats
Skill screen
Talents screen
Treasure chests are sometimes locked and have to be opened ...
.. with this mini game
Another view of our ship in the port
and here we are aiming at it with the stationary cannon