Risen 3: Titan Lords Screenshots

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Windows version

Main menu
Intro: sailing off, searching for adventure... ahh, the joy!..
The game starts with a short dream sequence in which combat basics are introduced
Exploring the islets around Crab Coast. You can swim farther in this game than in the other Risens!
Equipment screen. Don't get too used to this pirate outfit - it will be taken from you soon!..
Check out the interesting abilities
Lush vegetation and ape-fighting on the Crab Coast
Combat in a mysterious abandoned temple
Exotic crystals caves are awaiting you
Multiple-choice dialogues can be both silly and amusing
This is the main map. Don't let the size fool you: each island is large, and you can travel to any of them right away!
A familiar scene: hacking away at giant crabs on a beach. Bones here is helping
You've lost your soul, and such visions will haunt you. You'll be able to see the world in such colors - though this feature is rarely implemented for gameplay purposes
A quiet night on my ship... Thinking about the beauty of God's world. At least I hope that's what everyone is thinking
Most islands have settlements - they are small, but there are quite a few of them
A map of one of the islands - you can see it's quite busy
An example of skill usage during dialogue with a weird-looking creature
House interiors are detailed and may contain a lot of useful objects
A beautiful view of the Demon Hunters' fortress at night
A quiet, romantic scene with monkeys running around the fire!
Attacked by vicious hellhounds! Uh-oh, this doesn't look good, even on medium difficulty setting