Risky Woods Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The Map
Stage 1
Get the coins that enemies leave behind
Get a piece of the Eye-Key
Shoot the treasure chest for goodies
Got all pieces of the Eye-Key
Watch out for the huge rock
"Just buy something and leave before I use these weapons against you"
Stage 2
Stage 4
"Get off me, you pesky varmit!"
Stage 5
Stage 7
Stage 8
Stage 10
Stage 11
Name Entry
High Score
The End

Atari ST version

Title screen
Progress map
Killed enemies give coins.
A treasure chest!
Part of the eye key
At the end of the level
I failed to complete the level.
Game over

DOS version

Title screen
Stage 1
Free the Priests.
Jump! Don't touch anything.
Increase your power.
Stage 6 - The Last
Ophios, the boss
Your mob name
Lost in the forest.
This giant boulder drops really quickly down on you whenever you step on these planks.
Fighting Zabrus the first boss.
Inside the dark caverns.
What did I do?!
The light of day outside the caverns isn't much relief.
It doesn't look like the friendliest towns folk around here.
Too bad I cant' get in that house.
An ominous sign? Or just ketchup?
Entering Cephus' lair.
Cephus shows herself.
Nothing like hoarding a dying enemy's treasure.
The castle guards attack!
Passed out in the castle hallways.
Rolling boulders out of nowhere.
A huge chasm between castle towers.
Entering Draxos' lair.
Draxos himself
Game over

Genesis version

title screen
the quest's map
stage 1
knife throwing is the basic attack
amidst the action!
collecting coins give you armour
time out..
game over