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Ristar Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Gear version

How it starts
Evil lands on planet
Main title screen
Level introduction (so similar to Sonic)
Our hero in first journey
Long hands are very helpful

Genesis version

Title Screen
Jumping Around in the First Level
The "Arm" Action
The boss is on the background... and you are not happy about that
Your first boss battle in the game
Starting Round 2
I actually never liked carrots
Oh no, what have I done? Water is rising!
I was just enjoying the view... trying to ignore the pesky flying insects
Hey, let's swim! There are nice things at the bottom
Sea exploration
I look funny today... and what's in that cage?
I just arrived on the planet, and already you scare me like this!
It's hot here...
Finally, a city!
Now I understand how hard it is to be a pianist...
That's what happens when you play too much piano
Hilarious: boss battle as a concert performance!
Icy level. Very slippery
Nice stars and nice scenery
A pot? A pot, just a pot!
Entering level password
Early Picasso?
I'm one of the chosen Crystal Warriors! Give me back my princess, Garland!... Wait, that's a wrong game...
Robotic foes
Shall we watch TV?
Impressive boss
Oh, he is cute!
Yet another fearsome boss

Windows version

Title screen
Game starts
On ladder
Ristar's gymnastic
Miniboss snake
next arena
Gymnastic 2
Catch chameleon
Life lost
Enemy's squadron
Boss fight
Space flight
Round 2
Ancient city
Under water
Flame enemy
Over fire
Hot problem
Music everywhere
adventure element
Snow level
on ice
Big boss
Living pipe
Futuristic level

Official Screenshots

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