Rival Schools Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
A burning hit in the air
Winning is not so easy
Arcade Disc Main menu
Burning Victory
Character select screen
Use Team Up Technique to damage your opponent hard.
O God what a bad hit
Burning chain hit combo
One of good loading screens
Roy shows Batsu his true power
Sakura Kasugano from Street Fighter series? Yes! You can choose her without cheats, an unseen character in arcade version
Title screen (Evolution disc).
Evolution disc main menu, there are new modes to play.
Lesson mode: In this mode Hayato will teach you the moves and skills to become a master.
Group mode: You can have a group battle here.
Tournament mode: You can play a tournament up to 8 players.
League mode: 2 to 6 players can fight in a league battle.
Another Team Up Technique: Tiffany kisses Roy to make him recover health.