Bad endingsContributed by Bregalad (963) on Apr 14, 2012.

There are several bad endings possible in Riven:

Involving the prison book:

  1. Trap yourself in the prison book in Tay (before you trap Ghen).
  2. Trap yourself in the prison book in Riven (before you trap Ghen).
  3. Free Ghen in Riven (or Ghen's lab).
  4. Free Ghen in Tay.
Involving the fissure:
  1. Open the fissure before going to Tay. This can only be done by restoring an older save game after you get the safe code from Catherine's journal in tay (or trying all the 3125 possibilities...) You save yourself but condemn everyone else in Riven.

  2. Open the fissure after you went to Tay, but before you trap Ghen. This is definitely the worst ending of them all.

  3. Open the fissure after you capture Ghen but without freeing Catherine.
On a side note, it is impossible to free Catherine before trapping Ghen, even if you know the combination and restore an older save game.

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