Easter EggsContributed by Patrick Bregger (191887) on Aug 17, 2012.

1. Travel to the jungle island
2. Go up to the clear cut and enter the jungle through the gate
3. One click through the gate look at the large tree trunk on the right side of the screen
4. There should be a human figure made by the shadows

Lights on
1. Do the 5 steps for revealing the secret movies (look at end)
2. Go to the room with the whark sculptures
3. It is located in the Temple-Island just before the maglav-car
4. Looking at the room from the exit (where the maglav is found)
5. There is hidden switch in the left side -- on one of the pillars
6. Press it

Jungle bells and walking through air
1. First "activate" the easter eggs. (go to book making island, click on the egg. go to the moitety age, click on the bowl. etc. if you don't know what I'm talking about., find it on another easter egg entry)
2. Once you have finished clicking on RAWA, go inside the temple right next to you and click on (I don't know witch one) one of the lampposts on the left.
3. Merry Christmas!
4. Get on the mag-lev and go to junge island.
5. When you are there, go up the elevator in the whark and go up the stairs toward gehn's observatory.
6. Turn around and look down the stairs so you are facing a fire-marble dome thingy.
7. Click on the lamppost furthest away from you. (on the first floor)
8. Walk through air.

Wireframe picture
1. Do all of the steps that "Spyder" gave you. (They are stated in one of these Egg Reports)
2. Go to where you make the "sub" descend into the water next to the village by the lagoon.
3. Go three or four screens toward the village (till you are looking down a ladder)
4. Then turn right.
5. Note: You Should see a Wire-Frame View of the Lagoon.
6. (This tip was passed around some Riven Message boards for a while, I take no credit for it)

1. Go to the workshop island (disc 1).
2. After solving hte boiler puzzle, go to the small balcony that has the frog trap.
3. Climb down the ladder.
4. At the bottom, face the ladder so that you are one screen away from being right at the ladder.
5. In the upper left corner is the word "Alex" written in the rock!

Secret movies
1. On the workshop island (disk 1), open the top drawer of the 5 drawers at the workbench in Ghen's office and click all the eggs, one at a time, until you see the hand cursor disappear and then reappear. Important: only make the cursor disappear and reappear ONCE by clicking on the proper egg (the one toward the upper right corner).
2. Get captured by the Moiety rebels and get put in the cell (disk 5), where you awaken on your bed. Go over and click on the bowl, until it is close up to you. Now click on the bowl again and the hand cursor should disappear and reappear again.
3. Ride the submarine vehicle (disk 3) to the bridge control center. Be sure all the 5 switched there are set to the "up" position. Now, look out the window. Click on the submarine (this is supposed to be a mirage) near the top of your screen and it should disappear. This one is a bit tricky to see at first.
4. Go to the Map Island/Spike Island (disk 4) gold elevator that rises out of the water. Click on the star on top of the elevator seen as you face it from outside the elevator. The cursor should disappear and reappear.
5. Go back to the main island/Temple Island (disk 2) and find the graffiti on the rock face that says "RAWA". This is very small. Find it by facing the tram and the call button and then turning one screen to your left. Look at the rock face within the triangle of light carefully (use a screen magnify or take a screen capture if necessary) and you will see the word "RAWA". Click on it ONCE.
6. Now, for the first egg, go to Ghen's 233rd world. Head to his bedroom and face the wall with the red tapestry and the star on it. Click on the D'ni symbol for 5 in the exact center of the star to see the first easter egg movie.
7. For the second egg, go to the underwater viewing room. Sit in the chair and hit the button to face the window. Pull the left hand lever and then look down at the view screen. Finally, click on the small round, brown bolt just off to the right of the view screen to view the second easter egg movie.
8. These are all viewable using "Rivplay", but it was unknown until now as to how to access these from within Riven. Now you know!

2+3 faces
1. At the beginning of the game, leave Temple Island and then come back.
2. Go to where you started. Then go to the bottom of the staircase, and look down to the right. 2 faces are in the top-left.
3. To find the other three, rotate the Gate Room (rotating room) until you can enter from the passage under the gate.
4. Go under the gate, and right after you do that, on the right side of the screen, you'll see 3 faces. You only see them if you can enter the room from the place you're in.

Silly movie
1. Run Riven movie snoop program
2. Insert CD disc #4
3. Open g_Data.MHK Mohawk archive file
4. Select movie #138, 266gptty.
5. Enjoy

Ghen Singsi
1. Have Riven (duh)
2. It's generally a good idea to have finished Riven.
3. Get one of the "Riven Movie Snoops" from off the 'net (they're out for Windows and Mac)
4. Insert the 5th disc.
5. Load up the Riven snoop, and select the first movie on the 5th CD.
6. Bet you didn't know what a good singer Gehn is!

Face in atrus
1. After you break the lens at the end of the game.
2. Look closely at Atrus. For a brief moment a face will appear.

Unlock easter eggs
In order to view all of these eggs, you have to click on a series of points throughout the game. (Best to figure all this out after you've already finished the game previously - it makes it a whole lot easier to find these places, and to know what I'm even talking about) Remember, only click each spot ONCE. You'll know if you got it, because the cursor will disappear for a second.

1. Go to Gehns Lab on Crater Island. (Island with the Boiler) On one of the desks there is a box with some drawers, and in one of them, there are a bunch of eggs. Click the small orange one.
2. Go to the Moiety Age, Tay. (The Age with the big Hive Tree) In your prison, there is a bowl on the 'table'. Click on it.
3. Go into the Submarine, and go to the bridge controlling room (The room with all the levers) once inside, Look out the small window, and click on the submarine that you see.
4. Go to Survey island (The island with the spiky rocks and the Whark)Go to the underground section and click on the golden star at the top of the outside of the big golden elevator.
5. This one is a bit tougher. On the Island where you arrive, Temple island, go to the maglev bay. Looking at the maglev dock, there is a very very small "RAWA" written into the stone. It is only a few pixels high, this might take a while to find.

And now you're ready to see the Easter Eggs!

Contributed by Chris Tikkos

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