River City Ransom Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
One-player action
Setting up options
With some help, it's easier (or maybe not)
Shopping time
The famous "BARF!"
Fight against blue guys
people in town
Fight in park
Fighting in the WSL & Co. Warehouse.
The bad feeling is entirely justified...
The Eagles' double-length chain proves highly useful in our hands.
Setting up fighting tactics for our ally.
Our statistics. Note the cute little heart at the bottom.

NES version

Title screen (Japanese version)
Title screen (European version)
The story
Selecting game mode & character... obviously
Starting the game
Hey, careful with that there stick!
How dare you throw crates on me!
A peaceful area
Cup of coffee?
Sushi bar
Nothing is better than kicking some rear ends before going to toilet
Inventory. If you read the comic, you'll gain better stats
Password input
Isn't it romantic?
Forest battle
Through a tunnel, waving a chain
Good throw!
Sushi bar

Sharp X68000 version

Loading screen
Main menu
BGM Test
Game mode selection
Start of the game
One cup of fresh black coffee, please
I only came for the WC, but if you punks want to fight about it... OH IT'S ON!
Two player game

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Choose your game mode...
Options menu
Some story
Starting the game
Hey, I told you not to play with those barrels!
Now *I* get to play with the barrels! And the cat is watching :)
Go away, schoolgirls! Arrrrrggh!!!
I'll have a cup o' coffee, thank you...
Eating in a restaurant
You know, beating up guys with their own baseball bats just evoke the intellectual in me!
Watch out!
Let's chain 'em once and for all...
Grab a hamburger?..
Your inventory
Don't mind the chain, baby... It's not what you think...
Nice garden area!
What are you guys, secret agents?
Dead end?
Battle in a factory!
Battle in a tunnel