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SEGA CD 14 4.0
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Combined User Score 14 4.0

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SEGA CDGameFan Magazine (Jan, 1993)
I wish I could really drive like that. I haven't had so much fun in a car since I stole my Dad's back in high school. It's a wild motion ride and it's legal! Even though I got through it quickly, I'll play every day...Stunning!
SEGA CDRetro Game Reviews (Nov 29, 2014)
Road Avenger is a standout gem in the Mega CD library - the idea of an entire game based around quick-time events might sound dull but give this one a try and you'll be surprised how intense and engaging it actually is.
SEGA CDHonestGamers (Jun 13, 2008)
But this is merely a taste of what you can expect, because hardly a single moment goes by without something incredibly awesome happening. As if raising mile after mile of high-octane hell wasn’t enough of a draw, Wolf Team’s audacity in making the button timing fairly lenient means it’s always fun instead of frustrating, and when you do meet a fiery end you’ll find there are plenty of checkpoints up until the final stage. Even if you’d never associate FMV games with balls-to-the-wall action, try strapping in with the Road Avenger and see if you can contain those tears of joy – really manly tears, of course.
SEGA CDJust Games Retro (Apr 15, 2005)
Your car has no weapons whatsoever, and neither do you. Despite this, you'll be avenging upon scores of gang members, and out-driving every one of them. I wouldn't start making comparisons to Bullit, but there are a large number of great, memorable sequences in the game. Somebody did their homework on this game, and knew how to make great car chases and vehicular action. The game is probably very hard to find, but worth grabbing if you ever cross paths. It is just a linear, interactive film, but it's an excellent one, and surprisingly, an excellent game as well.
SEGA (Oct 20, 2005)
Sometimes, I'm amazed at all the hate the Sega CD FMV games get. All too often, people lump the good ones in with the bad, and take a large dump on the whole lot. No, there is no love for this genre, no matter who you ask. This is obviously unfair, and I'm sure that if the haters were to actually sit and play a few of these games, they'd see that some are actually pretty darn good.
SEGA CDGameHall (Sep 03, 2005)
Uma boa conversão da Wolf Team para os consoles domésticos, seu único defeito é a baixa quantidade de cores do Mega Drive, mas que apesar disso, usa muito bem as cores disponiveis, pode ter certeza que é diversão garantida, ainda mais se você tiver complexo de Knight Rider (conhecido por aqui como Super Máquina, seriado dos anos 80 com um super carro) e Mad Max.
SEGA CDThe Video Game Critic (Feb 14, 2003)
The game is totally linear, and although there are numerous stages, most are very short. That's okay because your thumb will need a rest. I had a great time with Road Avenger, and I think it's one of the best games I've played on the Sega CD. I should also mention that my buddy Keith McDowell does a great rendition of the Road Avenger theme song, despite knowing none of the words. To this day, Keith swears up and down that the guy singing in the intro is none other than Frank Stallone.
SEGA CDSEGA-Mag (Objectif-SEGA) (Dec 22, 2008)
Même s'il n'est pas le plus grand jeu du Mega-CD, il est le meilleur dans ce style de soft. Fourni à l'époque gratuitement avec le support, il reste un bon petit titre auquel on prend plaisir à jouer encore aujourd'hui. Si l'expérience d'un « dessin animé interactif » ne vous rebute pas trop, foncez, vous ne serez pas déçu. Compte tenu du prix de ce jeu, il serait dommage de s'en priver.
SEGA (Jul 01, 2007)
I repeat: I love this game. I swear I’m not lying when I say I break out the old Sega CD every few months just to play through this. It’s stupid and badly dubbed and ridiculous and absolutely insanely entertaining. This may very well be the perfect guilty pleasure game, and for that I have to rate it accordingly. This rates as high as it does because it does what it strives for so well. It’s definitely a quick thrill of a trapped-in-the-80s mentality kind of game, and for that it gets its due.
SEGA CDShin Force (Aug 20, 2006)
If you enjoy FMV games, then Road Avenger's driving scenes in a Road Warrior setting will surely please. If you don't like the simplistic gameplay inherent in this type of game, then Road Avenger most likely won't change your mind. It's definitely a classic that can easily be played on PC via an emulator as well.
Still a great showpiece.
SEGA CDMega Fun (Jan, 1993)
Auf den ersten Blick erschien das Spiel als ein actionlastiges Straßenrennen, da ja auch nichts anderes in Frage kommt. Doch schon ziemlich bald bemerkt man, daß es sich hier vielmehr um ein Geschicklichkeitsspiel handelt, da man nur den Anweisungen im Bild Folge leisten muß. Das entpuppt sich in den höheren Levels als sehr hastig und unübersichtlich. Von technischer Seite her kann man dem Spiel jedoch nichts nachtragen, da es sowohl grafisch als auch von der Musik her erste Klasse ist. Solltet ihr bereits ein Sega CD Euer eigen nennen, ist dieses Spiel sicherlich seine Anschaffung wert.
SEGA CDMega Fun (Aug, 1993)
(Second review)
Ich lieeebe alle Wolfteam-Spiele (von Sol-Feace mal ausgenommen). Road Avenger zählt natürlich auch zu. Das Spielprinzip ist zwar denkbar simpel gemacht (reiner Reaktionstest), macht aber dennoch sehr viel Spaß. Grafik und Sound sind voll auf der Höhe, besonders der Titelsoundtrack hat es mir angetan. Hier zeigt das Mega CD endlich mal seine Krallen, denn Spiele wie Road Avenger zeigen, was man aus den Full Motion Video-.Fähigkeiten herauskitzeln kann und sind in DER Art nur auf CD zu realisieren. Spielerisch gesehen gefällt mir Cobra Command allerdings noch eine Ecke besser, da hier noch etwas mehr Abwechslung drin ist, doch Road Avenger hat auch einiges für sich.
SEGA CDneXGam (2002)
Irgendwie fehlt mir bei Data Easts Mega CD Projekt das richtige Spiel!? Es dauert ein paar Minuten, bis man schließlich versteht, daß dieses Links bzw. Rechts Gedrücke wirklich das komplette Spiel ausmachen und danach nichts mehr kommt. Trotzdem macht Road Avenger durchaus auch gerade in Gesellschaft (trotz fehlendem Multiplayer) Spaß, da man sich perfekt beim Geschicklichkeitstest abwechseln kann. Seid ihr dann allerdings einmal durch, wandert das Game ohne Gnade in die hintersten Eckchen eurer Videospiel-Sammlung.