Road Fighter Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
On your marks.
A red car to overtake.
Collect the multi-coloured car.
Avoid the truck.
Keep going.
Taking a bend.
Your progress.
Jet plane.

MSX version

Title Screen
Stage 1
Stage 3
Stage 4 Finish
The starting grid.
Collect the hearts to receive additional fuel.
You reached the check point. Let's go to the next level.
Purple cars change lanes. So be careful!
Trucks drive slower.
You slide off the road. Use your brakes.
Oil makes you slip. Water slows you down.
You reached the goal at the end of level 6.
The stage map, which is shown between the levels.

NES version

Title screen
Get the fuel item or you might run out of fuel
Some cars change lanes
Truck drive slower
Oil makes the road slippery
Stay on the road, don't crash into the wall or other cars!
Sliding off the road
This is the starting line for the race during gameplay.
That is the checkpoint!
This is the 'demo' during gameplay for the race.