Road Rash: Jailbreak Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Several languages are available
Title screen
Choosing play mode
A short introductory text
Selecting a character
Race overview
Short time in the first race
Left alone momentarily
Drove right into a rival's trap and got thrown off the bike
On the beach
Just pushed myself in front before reaching the finishing line
Award ceremony
You get money for doing well in the race
Money can be used for upgrades
In the suburbs
Taken too much damage
Racing in the junkyard
In the snow
City race
Fighting a cop
Won the Wild race cup
One of unlockable racers
Someone's gotta be the law in this country
Finally those racers are in jail
When you beat certain modes three more tracks are unlocked (although these are just variations of old tracks)
Flooded track