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Road Rash

Road Rash Screenshots

3DO version

Intro movie. Can't catch me, coppers!
All cinemas have stylized color filters.
Title screen.
Main menu. Arcade or campaign modes.
Napa Valley track.
Fighting on the Pacific Highway track.
Hint - we're not going 45 MPH.
Peninsula track.
This pedestrian's trip will be over quickly.
Alternate HUD mode.
Deformed art delivers game messages.
Sierra Nevada track.
Crashed. This guy pulls us out of the way before getting back in his car.
City track
Picking a character in the campaign mode
Choosing a bike in campaign. Win races to afford better.
Move between shop and club between races.
Talking to the competition before a race.

Road Rash Screenshots

PlayStation version

Main menu.
The restroom menu options.
Your choice of race locales.
Game load screen.
Pull up next to another racer and you can knock off him off his bike during a race.
During races, you will have to either dodge traffic...
... Or suffer from the consequences.
Perform badly during a race, and bad things will happen to your bike...
... Before being told why.

Road Rash Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Don't try this at home kids ;-)
Start of the race. Already someone is attempting to knock my head off
Racing - Carmageddon Style
While I'm being pursued by the fuzz Axle tries to hit me with a bicycle chain
Ouch!! Cars and other objects on the road will send you flying
Running to get my bike. In this situation you loose valuable time
You can't escape the long arm of the law!! Hmm... well actually you can
Car on road is only obstacle
Aggressive ride is good
Must ride faster
Race start