Road Trip Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

The game's main menu is just the title screen with a small box in the lower right
The Adventure starts with a short animated sequence. Here's the president having his great idea.
Later in the same animated sequence the need to compete in all the various qualifying races is explained to the player. Q's factories are also where the player saves and exits the game
The start of a race.
The player can change the point of view during the race. The gear shift is automatic.
The race results. Two points here, first the player can name their currency which is why we've won 1000 cake, and secondly the player's name is a maximum of nine characters long
The player can just drive around the town if they wish.
To talk to another car/character the player can just drive into their building. This is the local radio station
The receptionist at Peach FM. Dialogue appears at the bottom of the screen. The player presses cross to continue the conversation. Eventually it ends or, as shown here, a question is asked
This is a Choro Q Coin and it should be collected
Driving at night
This is the body shop. Lots of different styles to choose from here
This is one of the picture shops they are all numbered and all the player can do here is get their picture taken
The player's picture has been taken
This is where the player's progress through the game is recorded.
The in-game configuration options allow the controller buttons to be reconfigured