Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Amiga:

    In the year 2000, bacteriological warfare has ripped apart the very fabric of American civilization. Cities have turned into gangland prizes; the highways, into battlefields.

    You are the patriotic leader of a road gang who has been asked by what is left of Federal Government to locate eight scientists. Return them to a secret underground lab so they can develop a vaccine to neutralize the deadly microbes.
    As you crisscross the highways on your desperate mission, you must constantly battle mutants, cannibals and rival road gangs. You can let the computer resolve combat quickly, or choose to personally direct the fighting in great detail. Assign men to vehicles and move them around. Order your men to fire with guns or crossbows, ram or board enemy vehicles.
    ROADWAR 2000 is an exciting game of survival in a brutal land. Maximize your chances by fighting for new recruits, vehicles, supplies, food, gas, guns, ammunition, and medicine.
    In the race to save the United States, these are more precious than gold.

    Group status report.
    Status report on a vehicle.
    Battling a rival road gang in a city.
    Crossing the deserts of Mexico.
    Cruising the highway in search of prey.
    Exploring the Great Lakes region.
    Once-beautiful Florida and the Bahamas.
    Deploying for combat in an oilfield.

    Contributed by MAT (179171) on Nov 20, 2003.