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Another Sierra remake, but not in the same vein as later ones. DOS Katakis | カタキス (39520)
A fun game slammed for all the wrong reasons DOS anton treuenfels (37)
An experiment that failed in terms of gameplay. DOS Trixter (9128)
Better graphics, better sounds... better game? DOS Qlberts (60)

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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 7 3.9
DOS 41 3.5
Combined User Score 48 3.6

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DOSAdventure Classic Gaming (Sep 20, 1999)
In 1990, Sierra On-Line decides to remake the game and rename it King’s Quest 1: Quest for the Crown. At the time, new standards in graphics and sounds have been adopted. As a result, the new graphics are greatly enhanced and the new music is much improved. Details that are previously hidden can finally be seen in this remake. The updated version also mixes in limited mouse support with a text parser interface. Unfortunately, the remake flops. Many fans criticize the updated version and even compare the effort to the coloring of a classic black and white film. Personally I disagree with this opinion. The old version is clearly outdated, and a remake is surely necessary.
AmigaAmiga Force (Apr, 1994)
Budget re-release] Kings Quest is a good introduction to the world of Sierra, being atmospheric, containing all of the humour associated with the titles and not terribly difficult to get into. Solving the game, with a good score at that, is another thing altogether!
AmigaAmiga Computing (Mar, 1994)
[Budget re-release] If you're real RPG fan then it's worth a look. The game isn't too bad, but at the moment there are far more original and impressive adventure games around, and it can't compete with today's high standards.
AmigaAmiga Format (Apr, 1994)
[Budget re-release] Fans of adventure games should enjoy this medieval romp despite the fact that it's a few years old and not the most sophisticated of fare.
DOSGameZebo (Aug 06, 2009)
A light-weight adventure that makes up for with charm what it lacks in substance. If you're interested in the history of adventure games, this should be on your list of "games to play in my life at some point." Maybe it doesn't deserve to be at the top of that list anymore, but it's still a nice little chunk of history.
DOSAdventure Gamers (Aug 25, 2005)
The SCI remake even has the early trappings of a point & click interface, allowing the player to control Sir Graham with the mouse as well as the arrow keys. This makes some of the more precarious trips up magic beanstalks and down rickety staircases a bit easier to master, not to mention being a pretty exciting innovation back in the day. Even if you don't play both versions of the game all the way through, moving from the AGI original to the SCI remake is a fun trip for those curious to see how modern adventures evolved.
AmigaThe One Amiga (Feb, 1994)
[Budget re-release] Bearing in mind this is the direct predecessor to Leisure Suit Larry, it's obvious that it's going to suffer from the same faults. The controls over the lovely Princes are extremely finicky, and, once again, missing a vital object or mini puzzle means you'll have to retrace your steps to the start, Also, its creaky age means it'll never win any awards for its presentation and the beautiful Princes sprite is reduced to a cluster of pixels crowned with what appears to be yellow rope on its 'head' (for want of a better word), A blast from the past this may be. Recommended it certainly ain't.
Das hört sich zwar nahezu unlösbar an, erweist sich dann aber im Spielverlauf als ziemlich leichte Übung: Im Prinzip genügt es, die unauffällig herumstehenden Baumstümpfe etc. sorgfältig nach nützlichen Gegenständen abzusuchen und hin und wieder mal zwei englische Worte mit den Einheimischen zu wechseln — dann ist bald alles in Butter und der königliche Haushalt komplett eingerichtet. Wie all seine Sierra-Kollegen stapfte Sir Graham ursprünglich recht grob gepixelt und nur träge manövrierbar durch pseudodreidimensionale Landschaften. Landschaften. Zumindest die PC-Abenteurer dürfen sich mittlerweile aber an einer grafisch und soundmäßig wesentlich feudaleren Version erfreuen, die zudem eine zusätzliche Maussteuerung anbietet. Die Menüleiste ist allerdings auch bei der Neuauflage recht sparsam mit Optionen bestückt, und der Parser versteht nach wie vor nur englische Tastatureingaben. Wenn er sie versteht...
(page 10-12)
AmigaCU Amiga (Mar, 1994)
[Budget re-release] Thankfully, Sierra recently realised that their conversion process leaves a little to be desired and have tied-up a deal with Revolution Software whereby they completely rewrite Sierra's original code, using the Amiga's capabilities to their fullest. Unfortunately, this doesn't really help us here, The game moves like a snail Superglued and stapled to the floor, resulting in too many moments of lengthy disk accessing, and the characters aren't much faster. After you've attempted to cross three screens it soon becomes too much to bear and the prospect of holding down the two Amiga keys and Control is a tempting option.