Roberta Williams' Mixed-Up Mother Goose Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Sierra logo (MCGA/VGA)
Title and main menu (MCGA/VGA)
Select a character (MCGA/VGA)
The opening sequence (MCGA/VGA)
The game begins here (MCGA/VGA)
Exploring the lands a bit... (MCGA/VGA)
Hmm, it's a giant pumpkin! (MCGA/VGA)
What could this old man be missing? (MCGA/VGA)
Jack and Jill lost their pail (MCGA/VGA)
Here's a picture of the item you need to find (MCGA/VGA)
Hmm, who did I find here by the river? (MCGA/VGA)
Successfully return an item, and a song plays! (MCGA/VGA)
Hmm, I need to find a lost sheep... (MCGA/VGA)
Humpty Dumpty could use a ladder... (MCGA/VGA)
The castle in the distance... (MCGA/VGA)
Little Jack Horner.
Fenced area.
Clock house nearby.
Little Bo Peep.
A bridge.
School house.
Sprat's home.
Jack Sprat and his wife.
And the dish ran away with the spoon!
King's castle doorway.
King Cole.
Map of Mother Goose Land.
Watch out for the spider!
In Old Lady's shoe.
The mouse is just running up the clock!
Further side of the school building - the "night zone" begins here.
After finishing the king's errand (in this version he only wants the pipe) - notice the girl in a bubble
Little Jack Horner lives in a blue house.
The town is much more overgrown than in the earlier versions.
Waking up in the morning

FM Towns version

Title screen
It's that simple?..
The child in her / his room
Starting area
Handy map
Talking to the granny
They are working hard, and what are you doing?..
A meeting in a forest
Sir! Here is your ladder!.. Hmm... maybe he doesn't need it
Weird angles, weird items
Beautiful view with a moat
I don't think it was wise to bring a mouse here
Lovely central square
Your Majesty! Here is some... CHEESE!
Pumpkins and sheep
Can you play Brahms D-major Concerto?
Oh no! Back in school!! Nooooooooo!!!
It's suddenly night. Lots of animals around
I've brought a little goat here