RoboCop 3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Ocean logo in 3D
Development team logo
Language selection
Game mode selection
Delta City, future starts here
This is mediabreak
Male news reporter
Female news reporter
Rehab troop soldier
ED209 (in cutscene)
Sergeant Warren Reed
Another cinematic sequence
Starting the driving
Off-road driving
Collided with another car
Driving in a wrong lane
Bullet holes in windshield
Officer lewis needs assistance
Robocop walking
Car sequence, in Franglais
Robocop inside a car
Robovision activated

Atari ST version

Even the company logo gets a snazzy 3D image
Development team logo
Language selection
Game style selection
Nice slogan there
The news of the intro
Whatever you think of their actions, you've got to like the name
Cinematic intro shots
Your job
More cinematics
Starting the driving
Short-cutting the road
Just about keeping the car in a straight line
The sad obutuary
High score
The options in the action sequence
Save the hostages - using the mouse to move the sights and fire to shoot
Patrolling the mean streets
Good shot
Right in the centre
This guy's innocent
Officer down
The car sequence, in Franglais
Robocop gets wings
Yellow dots are friendly, red are enemy
This takes place in a limited area
Head to head combat
This is how it starts
Robocop conceals the enemy
Who tries an illogical jump off the screen

DOS version

Title screen
Language selection
Game mode
"Adventure mode" mission introduction
Rushing in to the scene of the crime.
Let's roll!
"Action mode" mission selection
Taking on some Splatterpunks in 3rd-person perspective.
Doling out death from above in my gyrocopter.
A duel with the japanese ninja-android, talking damage even before it begins, now in 1st-person perspective.

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  • RoboCop 3 Screenshot
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  • RoboCop 3 Screenshot
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