RoboCop Versus the Terminator Credits

Interplay Productions (Team Rivet)

Executive ProducerBrian Fargo
ProducerAlan Pavlish
Lead ProgrammerMichael W. Stragey
ProgrammingMatthew Findley, Doug Nonast
DesignJason M. Ferris
Additional DesignAlan Pavlish, Michael W. Stragey
Art DirectorTodd J. Camasta
ArtworkJason Magness, Eddie Rainwater, Cheryl Austin, Scott Mathews, Charles H. H. Weidman III, Arlene Caberto Somers
Director of Q.A.Kerry Garrison
Assistant Director of Q.A.Rodney N. Relosa
Lead TesterRaphael Goodman
TestersFloyd Grubb, Dean Schulte, Christoper A. Tremmel
Sound Driver bySculptured Software
SoundSam Powell, Anthony Shields
MusicSam Powell, Anthony Shields

Virgin Games

Executive ProducerNeil Young
ProducerScott J. Duckett
Q.A.Michael McCaa, Bijan Shaheer, Paul Moore, Erik Harshman, David Fries
Special Thanks ToElvis, Negativland, Big Gulps, Chopin, Barney, Mom, Bill Paxton
Sincere Thanks toHope Stragey, Karen Stragey, Dawn, Darin, M.R.E., Gabrielle Angilly, Sherri Swanke, Cathy, Lisa Ferris, The Vision

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