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It'll get boring after a bit if you aren't a real robot wars fan. Windows James Isaac (286)

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WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Jun 10, 2002)
There is no question in my mind that BBC Multimedia’s Robot Wars is far superior to WizardWorks’ Robot Arena. Although not truly outstanding in any single dimension, this game is the best I have played of its type and is thoroughly engaging. Building your own robots and testing them in battle is consistently enjoyable, and there are enough play options that you never get bored. Without a ton of frills or extraneous bells-and-whistles, and with a very simple gameplay premise, you really get a ton of rock-’em sock-’em action. If you want a mind-bending sophisticated first-person shooter or a complex real-time strategy offering, then stay far away; but if it is simple thrills you crave, then snap this one up. For those in Europe with the ability to buy Robot Wars, even if you have never seen the television series, this is well worth your money.
WindowsPC Zone (Jan 12, 2002)
The controls can be a tad unresponsive, and there isn't a great deal of skill involved, other than luring opponents into either the pit or the jurisdiction of the house robots. Some variety is added by the inclusion of a number of fantasy arenas other than the television studio, but ultimately the game is only a marginal improvement on actually watching the programme.
PlayStation 2Thunderbolt Games (Jul 12, 2009)
Robot Wars in a video game seems a perfect idea, but lands in the arena upside-down and immobilised. It is authentic, featuring classic robots from the show and accompanied by adequate commentary. The difficulty often fluctuates from being either impossible or a walk-over, but the worst culprit is the lack of battle spirit in the arena. Want destruction, spinning disks grinding a robot in half, flames, robots spread across the arena in five pieces accompanied by a mob crowd cheering to deaf? Then you can call cease to this. This is a flat recreation that’s hard to recommend to even avid Robot Wars fans, who’d be better off watching Hollyoaks on a Friday evening instead. With adverts. Although it’s playable to some extent, its lack of spirit, clumsy physics and visuals and an irritating workshop makes this miles off from recreating the original arena experience.
Windows7Wolf Magazine (Dec 04, 2001)
Графически игра... никакая. Да, 3D. Да, полигоны. Да, спецэффекты - огонь тот же. Но, как-то все серо. Однообразные текстуры, несуразные внешне роботы, плоские размытые морды зрителей и лишь нарочито веселый и азартный голос комментатора впивается в мозг своею неестественностью. Хотели, как лучше, а получили... В очередной раз хорошая идея запорота конкретной реализацией. Жаль! Лучше бы ребята из Gamezlab сыграли в "Nether Earth" прежде, чем лепить сагу о самоходных уродцах с болгаркой наперевес. А детям... Нынешние дети играют в Fallout и обсуждают приоритеты "флака" перед "биорайфлом".
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Dec 13, 2001)
Разработку паршивенького движка, умудряющегося местами тормозить, обрабатывая движения трех-четырех примитивных до неприличия роботов, окупят многочисленные фанаты телешоу. Счастливые дети побросают своих покемонов, и соблазнительный пузи-творожок скиснет в холодильнике. Полки займут новые фавориты. Razer, Hypno-Disc, Chaos 2, Panic Attack — запомните эти имена, выучите их наизусть и… спрашивайте в аптеках города. Уверена, вам подскажут нужное направление.