robotfindskitten Screenshots

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Browser version

Game start (Java)
Discovering an object
Introduction (Flash version)
Game start
Discovering an object
Game start (Javascript version)
Discovering an object

Commodore 64 version

Game map!

DOS version

Title screen.
Let the game begin!
Is it this one? Naw, it's a coat hanger hovering in thing air.
This one's an optical illusion.
Hey, what the...?! Objects are not as static as you'd think
Now I know where the humor comes from...
Perhaps this could help?
Starting screen (Inform version)

Linux version

Now to find kitten
This is an ox-shaped cloud. This is not kitten.
This is still not kitten.
By the # and B coming together at the top right, I'd say I found kitten.

Palm OS version

Game map
A discovery!

ZX Spectrum version

Start screen
Start screen, though the position of the robot (the #) and the other items is different each time
I've examined my first object
... and my second object
Three objects later and instead of a humorous message I get a little animation, looks promising
Play again?