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Rocket Ranger

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Atari ST

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The quintesential Cinemaware game--they finally got everything right. DOS Trixter (8733)

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Platform Votes Score
Amiga 12 4.1
Android Awaiting 1 votes...
Apple IIgs 2 4.5
Atari ST 4 4.2
Commodore 64 8 3.8
DOS 12 3.5
FM Towns 3 4.4
iPad Awaiting 1 votes...
iPhone Awaiting 1 votes...
NES 7 3.0
Windows Awaiting 1 votes...
Combined MobyScore 48 3.8

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Commodore 64Zzap! (Italy)
Uno dei migliori titoli mai scritti per il 64 ed il miglior gioco in assoluto della Cinemaware. Non male eh?
The story so far… It's 1941 and Adolf Hitler is pushing the boundaries of his Third Reich, not just across Europe, but all over the world. His powerful forces run rough-shod over all opposition, but there is one man who may be able to put a stop to his land reclamation – the flier with a difference, the one they call... Rocket Ranger (um, that's you, of course). Rocky owes his power of flight to a back-mounted rocket pack which runs on the mystery mineral Lunarium, a rare substance which yield enormous power if handled correctly but staggeringly dangerous if used for nefarious (whassat? – Ed) purposes.
AmigaComputer and Video Games (CVG)
If there is a problem with Rocket Ranger it is that there is a certain inevitable amount or repetition involved in playing the game. Unlike, say, a straightforward shoot 'em-up, where you progress from one level to the next blasting successfully more challenging waves of targets, Rocket Ranger shares some of the features of an adventure game. If you fail to complete one section, you won't necessarily lose the game; you'll just find yourself back in an earlier situation, forced to play through the situation again. Basically this is only likely to become a problem if you aren't any good at playing the game!
AmigaThe Games Machine (UK)
Excellent graphics, breathtaking sound effects and sampled speech. No one scene is particularly complex but Rocket Ranger is deep enough to ensure hours of play. Give yourself a treat and buy it.
AmigaST/Amiga Format
Your average space game might well feature millions of galaxies for you to explore but space is space, innit? At the end of the day it still looks black! With Rocket Ranger there's actually an end; once you've found Hitler and put an end to the war you become a hero and you can feel you've actually managed to achieve something besides the largest high score number a computer could possibly think of. Repeated disk accesses make it slow at times, and having to swap disks if you've only got one drive is tedious, but this is a common problem with Cinemaware products. Those who like a good puzzle and a bit of strategy in between feeding lead to the Hun will find it compulsive.
[Budget re-release] Disk accessing is a bit wild, so it could be well worth laying out a bit of cash on an extra disk drive (about £70). Every computer owner should have a copy of Rocket Ranger - at £9.99 it's a steal.
AmigaThe One
Rocket Ranger is without doubt Cinemaware's best game to date. The idea of putting several sub-games together to form an overall mega-game has never been implemented so well, even by Cinemaware themselves. As usual the graphics are absolutely first class throughout.
Commodore 64The Games Machine (UK)
From packaging to gameplay, the whole thing is excellent. Disk access isn't too long, and disk swapping's kept to a minimum. It all allows plenty of brilliant flying scenes, action, well-scripted storylines and so many other touches that it makes this Cinemaware's best ever release - it's a must for C64 disk owners.
[Budget re-release] Disk accessing is a bit wild, so it could be well worth laying out a bit of cash on an extra disk drive (about £70). Every computer owner should have a copy of Rocket Ranger - at £9.99 it's a steal.
Atari STRaze
[Budget re-release] Disk accessing is a bit wild, so it could be well worth laying out a bit of cash on an extra disk drive (about £70). Every computer owner should have a copy of Rocket Ranger - at £9.99 it's a steal.
AmigaACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
This is probably the best Cinemaware game yet, blending superb graphics with arcade action and strategy. There's enough variety and depth to it to keep you interested, although you have to go through a lot of graphic sequences where you do nothing.
DOSACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
Another excellent job of conversion makes this very attractive on the PC. The graphics have come over well, although some sequences have been changed. Notably there is no conversation on the Zeppelin.
Atari STACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
Even with disk swapping Rocket Ranger is an absorbing, taxing game which should appeal to most people who like challenging adventure movies.
AmigaASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Auf jeden Fall macht es Spaß. Wenn man allerdings erst mal alle Aktion-Sequenzen kennt, geht auch sehr schnell die Motivation flöten. Doch bis es soweit ist, das dauert schon eine Weile. Wäre nicht die dumme Ursprungsstory, die ja nun wirklich jeder kennt, und hätten die Leute von CINEMAWARE ein Einsehen gehabt und die Grafiken stärker geändert, ja, dann wäre ich echt total begeistert gewesen. Aber auch so muß ich sagen: ROCKET RANGER hat mir gefallen!
Atari STST Format
Rocket Ranger makes a great interactive demo, but as a game it lacks depth and immediacy. There is a lot of tedious disk swapping (the game comes on three disks) and a lot of time spent staring at message boxes you already know off by heart while the machine loads up the next batch of screens. The action sequences are few and rather crudely executed, while the strategy element is just that - elemental. Wonderful to look at, but that's about all.
AmigaPower Play
Schau an, was haben wir denn da? Man nehme einen gut abgehangenen Flash Gordon, einen Stapel alter Comics, ein paar Geschicklichkeitsspiele,einen Schuß “Afterburner“ und schüttle ein wenig: Schwupp, schon haben wir einen Rockel Ranger-Cocktail, der vortrefflich mundet. Grafik und Sound sind Spitzenklasse. Wer sich nicht daran stört, daß sich hinter der tollen Aufmachung recht normale Action- und Taktik-Spielereien verbergen, wird sicher ein Rocket-Ranger-Fan. Ich bin‘s schon.
AmigaAmiga Power
On the box of this game there's a quote which says "Rocket Ranger is.... a real landmark in Amiga software, and for once they're right. When it first came out, Rocket Ranger featured probably the most stunning graphics ever seen on any home computer, and digitised music that gave the game a feel befitting the name of the company that produced it, Cinemaware.
AmigaAmiga Power
Has its die-hard fans, but actually finding a game in here can seem a bit tricky sometimes.
Well, it looks like I'm nearing the end of this review, and I have yet to cover a few things. So I'll just cram them into this final paragraph. You have to pause the game or beat it in order to hear any music. The music sucks. There would need to be more gameplay for the controls to be any worse. There's not a whole lot you can do to avoid losing the game. "Powerless the Video Game" would be a more appropriate name. I had to constantly reload the saved game on my emulator in order to beat it. I really wish I hadn't wasted the time.