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NESAll Game Guide (1998)
When it's all said and done, Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball isn't a great game by any means. But it will entertain any baseball fan (especially any early 1990s baseball fan) for quite some time.
NESNES Archives (Mar 28, 2008)
Roger Clemens’ MVP Baseball would go in the 2nd tier of baseball games on the NES. It is certainly not one of the better baseball games but it is unique enough to be worth playing if you are a diehard baseball or Roger Clemens fan.
This game is deserving of a look, but far from a must have.
SNESPower Play (Nov, 1992)
Genau hier knabbert bei MVP Baseball der Holzwurm: Die Feldspieler lassen sich zwar einfach steuern — die Perspektive wechselt jedoch so ungeschickt, daß Euer Mann die entscheidenden ersten Sekunden planlos herumirrt. Baseball-Fans sollten sich das Modul, dank hübscher Grafik, professionellem Sound und flottem Zwei-Spieler-Modus trotzdem zulegen.
SNESAll Game Guide (1998)
A flaw with the fielding is the slow speed of your throws. It seems to take forever for the ball to reach base when you're in the outfield, although you get used to it over time. Another problem unique to the Super Nintendo version is the awkward controls. To throw to first base you have to push right on the control pad. This is fine when you're looking toward the outfield, but this game has you playing behind the fielder! If not for the enjoyable arcade presentation and worthy opponent, this would be a near fatal flaw. As it stands, the game is a solid choice for those tired of traditional baseball offerings.
This is probably the most original NES baseball game to date.
25 (Apr, 2013)
All the player models look the same, their animations are janky and disturbing, and it’s hard (for this non-sports fan, anyway) to care about made-up stats for fake teams. Sure, at its core, Roger Clemens MVP Baseball is still baseball – but at what price?!
It’s nice to look at, including some close up shots for tags at bases, but it’s terrible to play. A juiced-up Roger Clemens himself wouldn’t be able to win one of these games.