Roland Garros French Open 2001 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Eight male and eight female players are available
Each racquet has its own advantage, be it power or accuracy
Choosing a court to practice
Practice allows beginners to accurately aim each return shot
Game modes and options
16 courts (from which eight are initially locked) are available, plus other 16 are hidden
Pre-match in Wimbledon
Celebrating a point
Game statistics
Roland Garros
He won't arrive there on time
The perfect lob
Pairs in US Open
Ladies in Australia
Replays offer several views
Surface Supremacy is the tournament mode
The Encyclopedia includes photos and bios of players, information and photos of RG venues and previous results.
I *could* also include a 1998 photo of him, but jokes about bald people are pretty much done by.
There is also the obligatory quiz mode, for both beginners or experts.