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Rolling Thunder 2

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Rolling thunder-- a nice little game Genesis paul cairey (323)

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Platform Votes Score
Arcade 1 3.8
Genesis 18 3.7
Wii 3 4.7
Combined MobyScore 22 3.8

The Press Says

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GenesisGamePro (US)
Rolling Thunder 2 keeps it simple. Shoot, duck, jump, and shoot some more - it's a tried and true formula that scores again here. Ninja Gaiden, Strider, Shinobi - you can't keep a good action game down, they just keep rolling along - like Rolling Thunder 2.
GenesisComputer and Video Games (CVG)
Rolling Thunder 2, however, is one of those rare releases which offer the player a real challenge. I've never seen the coin-op, but, if this conversion is anything to go by, I'll be wending my way down to the local arcade and pleading with the manager to cordon off the RT2 machine and leave me to it for the rest of the day! Beg, borrow (but don't steal 'cos that's bad) the dosh to get Rolling Thunder 2 - it's brill!
GenesisSega Force
Ha så kul med att rädda världen från Geldra, för Rolling Thunder är på grund av sina många banor (och, inte att förglömma, sexiga Leila) klart prisvärt. Grafiken är hyfsad i början, men blir allt bättre, och särskilt bakgrunderna blir ballare ju längre man kommer.
GenesisDigital Press - Classic Video Games
The graphics and sound won't blow you away, but they are very well done. Usually, you won't even notice the intricacies of each level unless you pause the game to get a good look. I must say, also, that the graphics get better with each level. There's a fantastic Egyptian motif in one of the later levels and level 10 will remind arcade-goers of the classic Elevator Action. There's a lot going on throughout the eleven levels of play. If you thought you'd seen it all in games like ESwat, Dick Tracy, and Batman for the Genesis, you won't want to miss Rolling Thunder II. It's should be considered the new standard for 16-bit action games.
GenesisMean Machines
Well, if it isn't a platform shoot 'em up. There aren't many of those on the Megadrive, I'm sure. Luckily for Rolling Thunder 2, it's one of the best examples of the genre yet seen. The formula may look a bit dated and simplistic nowadays, but it's so much fun to play that it doesn't really matter. The graphics are very good, the animation on the sprites is great and the backgrounds are excellent. The sound is of high standard too, including a selection of top-notch tunes. Rolling Thunder 2 also packs a real challenge, there are eleven long levels and they get very difficult. A password system is used instead of continues, so you never have to play the earlier levels you've completed again (unless you want to). Rolling Thunder 2 is a top quality game packed with action and excitement, although it doesn't quite have that grab factor to make it a Megagame. Highly recommended to those looking for a proper challenge.
GenesisGame Informer Magazine
While the characters were a tad lanky, the graphics were well done, with detailed environments and stage themes. Rolling Thunder 2 was the perfect secret agent effort for the pre-FPS gaming crowd.
Toutefois, Rolling Thunder 2 a une particularité qui l'isole quelque peu du star système des jeux vidéo: c'est un plaisir de hardcore gamers. La densité de l'action conjuguée avec le one-hit kill des balles meurtrières peut le rendre particulièrement frustrant et répétitif à jouer. Il réclame le sans-faute. Une exigence heureusement relativisée par le mode 2 joueurs et les mots de passe, qui permettent de mieux apprécier sa formule, au vu de laquelle vous ne manquerez pas de vous écrier: a digital program blasted the neuron !
WiiNintendo Life
We’ve seen this type of game time and time again but rarely is it pulled off with such style and grace. The art design impresses even today and the game features an excellent soundtrack that is very catchy. For fans of the genre this game comes highly recommended.
Does the high challenge take away from the game overall? No, not in the least. The original Rolling Thunder had a brutal difficulty setting but was still a blast to play. Part two is no different. With the option to play as either agent (the difference is mostly aesthetic), tight game play, and long length, Rolling Thunder 2 is one game that offers hours of fun; just be sure to check your blood pressure every so often while playing.
Man packe Shinobi mit Splinter Cell in einen Mixer, nehme ein bisschen Spielgeschwindigkeit heraus und füge noch ein wenig James-Bond-Atmosphäre hinzu: Und voila, das Ergebnis dieses gewagten Cocktails ist „Rolling Thunder 2“. Ein paar kleine Macken haften dem Spiel jedoch an, wie beispielsweise die grottige Ersatzwaffe oder fies auftauchende Gegner. Wenn man sich mit dem gemäßigten und taktischen Spielprinzip jedoch arrangiert, kann man an diesem trashigen Platformer eine Menge Spaß haben, vor allem im Koop-Modus.
GenesisPower Play
Ungeachtet des amüsanten Zwei-Spieler-Modus ("Hau ab da!"), bleibt eine Menge Spielspaß auch als einzelner Held erhalten. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist recht hoch angesiedelt, was aber nicht weiter stört, da man schnell hinter so manche Joystick-technische Finesse kommt. Ganz schnuckelig ist die Grafik gelungen: Keine tollen Animationen, aber reizvolle Hintergrundszenarios in schönen Farben. Die Musik bietet nichts Besonderes, trotzdem untermalen die Soundeffekte die Knallerei akzeptabel. Um mein "Super"-Gesicht zu erlangen, fehlt allerdings noch etwas mehr Liebe zum spielerischen Detail, eben das "gewisse Etwas".
GenesisSEGA-Mag (Objectif-SEGA)
Vous l'aurez compris, Rolling Thunder 2 est un bon petit jeu d'action qui se savoure surtout à deux joueurs (ce qui le rend un peu plus accessible). Le peu d'énergie de votre personnage, les niveaux à finir dans un temps restreint, les munitions limitées vous obligeant à doser au coup près vos tirs, et les boss sans pitié feront que seuls les plus patients pourront admirer la vrai fin du jeu. Vous voilà averti, vous êtes en présence d'un pur jeu d'action à l'ancienne.
Rolling Thunder 2 was originally a coin-op cabinet in the arcades, and this edition is the Virtual Console emulation of its SEGA Genesis port. It's a solid conversion, even adding a few new levels beyond what early '90s arcade-goers would have experienced when dropping in their quarters, but it's still a bit too rigid and frustrating to be immediately recommendable for Wii owners to download today. Fans of more strategic shooters should give it a look, but everyone else might want to wait around for Rolling Thunder 3 – as it was developed specifically for the Genesis, it could prove to have more lasting value when and if it arrives in the Wii Shop.
Imagine Shinobi's Joe Higashi losing a bit of agility, donning a pistol holster, and mowing down baddies with a submachine gun to some snazzy tunes, and you get Rolling Thunder 2 for the Sega Genesis, a conversion of the run-and-gun arcade side-scroller by the same name. Its simple, two-tiered levels and shooting mechanics make it an easy game to learn, but its sometimes cheap enemy placement and repetitive stages will have you gnashing your teeth as you continually restart levels. It's not as smooth or maneuverable as its Virtual Console peers, but it's got some personality that makes it worth checking out--if you've got a willing partner for cooperative play.