Rolling Thunder 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Intro: the new face of Geldra
Our heroes
Title screen. You can play as Leila or Albatross in 1-player mode
Leila is a tough lady
Machine gun power
Up on a truck
Entered a door for some bullets
The guy's throwing grenades
Round clear
Round 2. This art... I approve
There are people in special suits inside the glowing electrical orbs.
Jumping around
2-player mode is easier, because the killed player will respawn immediately if he has any lives
Intro (Japanese version)

Genesis version

Title screen
Leila, the female protagonist
Albert Ross, just another James Bond.
Get extra ammo from doors with a sign next to it. Some even contain special features, but often a trap as well.
Hide in doorways when the streets get too crowded.
The first real boss: a huge robot.
Fighting more than ten enemies at once is not uncommon.
The backdrops sometimes get a little busy, especially when there are lots of tiny bullets flying around.
The boss unleashes hordes of enemies.
The Egyptian themed level
The flamethrower is the most powerful weapon at close range.
The final boss in his first form.
The final boss in his second form. The firing patterns are easy to adapt to.
You can listen to the soundtrack with a cartoon band playing.