Romance of the Three Kingdoms II Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Introduction: some background history
Start menu
Scenario selection
Choose the total number of players
Shifting series of events strike indiscriminately
Intercepting intrigues meant for others
Successfully forging one's own alliances
The numbers behind the scenes... revealed!

Genesis version

Background information about important characters
Title screen
Choosing a historical period.
Choose # of players.
The game contains 3 difficulty levels.
Choose which province to rule.
Playing as Ma Teng.
Overview map
A locust plague
Province 3 gets hit with the locust plague.
Information about your generals
Battle options
One-on-one battle

MSX version

Koei Logo.
The game story.
Select a scenario.
The map of China.
Select a character.
Prepare for battle!
Lot's of options can be selected.
Let's conquer some land!
Introduction story.
Dong Zhuo, the tyrant of Chiang An
One of your advisers.
They will conquer the world for you.
Title screen.
Credits screen.

NES version

Beautiful title screen
Choosing a scenario
Choosing characters
Give orders
Select who will hire soldiers
Chief's statistics
A new hero has joined
Flood control
Read letter?
Getting preparations ready for an attack
Battle mode
Battle statistics

PC-98 version

Title screen
Lovely intro
Main menu
Introducing some famous Three Kingdoms characters: the villainous Dong Zhuo...
...Liu Bei and his side-kicks...
...and Cao Cao
Choose your warlord!
Natural stuff still happens in this game, though less so than in the predecessor
Main actions menu
Viewing a map
Liu Bei is rather lonely...
Hmm, choices, choices...
Such a beautiful sky... can't we just stop fighting?..
I wonder who wants to serve a warlord with such a face
A messenger arrives
Don't argue with me! I'm the boss!..
To battle!..
Battle interface

SNES version

Title screen
Background information about important characters
Choosing a historical period
Overview map
You receive news from your people
Playing as Liu Bei
Information about your generals
One-on-one battle