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DOS 11 4.0
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Genesis 10 3.4
PC-98 Awaiting 5 votes...
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SNES 7 4.2
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Combined User Score 28 3.8

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SNESGamePro (US) (Feb, 1994)
The joy of RTK III is about watching numbers grow (for example, at harvest time) and shrink (when you knock off enemy soldiers). If you have a mind for it, it's great fun. However, first-time Koei gamers should probably go for easier to digest SNES fare such as Gemfire or even Genghis Khan II. If you're already Koei crazy, you can't help yourself --- you'll love Romance.
The Mongols did it, but that was a long time ago. Now it's your turn to conquer all of China in Romance of the Three Kingdoms III, KOEI's latest simulation of diplomacy, economics, and war.
SNESGame Players (Apr, 1994)
Guide your monarch-in-the-making to success by cultivating crops and training soldiers, thereby increasing your wealth and strength. And don't forget about defection, exile, rebellion, and loyalty - all factors in your reign.
GenesisVideo Games (Apr, 1994)
Zwar sind die Grafiken immer noch etwas hölzern und die Musik eine katastrophale Leierkastenorgie, durch die animierten Kampfsequenzen jedoch bleibt der Spielspaß trotzdem erhalten. Lediglich die verzwickten historischen Hintergründe sowie die exotisch anmutenden chinesischen Personen- und Städtenamen (natürlich in englischer Schreibweise) könnten Anfängern sicherlich einige Schwierigkeiten bereiten, sich vollends hineinzuspielen. Aber wer seine strategischen Künste auf dem asiatischen Kontinent vortragen möchte, wird mit diesem Spiel gut bedient sein, vorausgesetzt, er bereitet sich ausreichend vor: Wegen der Fülle an Befehlen und Spielzügen, die teilweise immer noch als chiffrierte Kürzel (z.B. PPLN für Population) dargestellt werden, empfiehlt sich eine gründliche Lektüre des Anleitungbüchleins, am besten bei einer Tasse chinesischem Tee.
70 (Jul 09, 2012)
Overall, Romance of the Three Kingdoms III: Dragon of Destiny can be classified as an atmospheric title for the hardcore strategy gamer. On the plus side it has nice presentation, great atmosphere in historic and literary context and an incredible depth going for it. On the other hand, the gameplay can get very tedious, particularly in the battle sequences. Strategy enthusiasts may appreciate the high amount of micromanagement which affects many small details, while the very same will probably make more casual gamers shy away from this title. If you can put up with that and don’t mind sinking many hours or even days into a single playthrough, RTK III: DoD is a very engaging and challenging strategy game well worth your time.
Another in-depth strategy game in the vein of Genghis Khan and the like. The Eight-player option is very nice and the graphics are a nice complement. History fans will definitely want to check out some of these scenarios.
Many paths, then, make for a rich and evocative tale of the journey to the Emperor's chair. Koei has brought many spices to this, their third telling of the tale. For the first time, it is possible for the worthy gamer to envision himself as one of the many heroes, so true is the telling, so rich the background of the tale. Those marginal warriors who wish a simple fight, devoid of passion, lacking in subtleties, will be overwhelmed by the experience. On the other hand, those with fire in their blood, who relish the thought of battling the best leaders of Chinese antiquity, will find rapture in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Go now, and conquer...
The changes Koei has made in RTK2 bring the game closer to the form of the novel. These warlords didn't operate in a black-and-white world; their fates rose and fell many times, and they had to deal with familial and political obligations as well as the military and economic ones. Koei's enhancement of the diplomacy, the treachery and the joint military ventures brings out more of this chaotic flavor.