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DOS version

Koei company logo
Main title
Main Menu
Character Creation (Optional)
Game start - Main Screen
Choosing one of the many historical scenarios
Most people want to play as the silly "lover hero" Liu Bei...
Let's see what kind of a letter you have there...
You promote one of your officials
You decide to threaten a neighbor. He is annoyed
You are off to the war
Preparing to attack a city!
Well, it's certainly a wise decision...
Some background information about the time period

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
Preparing to start
Creating a general
Choosing your hero
Selecting various stuff
Main in-game menu
Delivering things
Your adviser comments on your orders
Areas of influence
Sending a messanger
You threaten Liu Bei

PC-98 version

Title screen
Nice intro
Beautiful backgrounds, story in old Chinese with Japanese translation... pretty cool
Main menu
Choosing the warlord
Main orders menu has been re-vamped
Diplomacy now takes the entire screen
Viewing some stats
Evaluating your resources
Viewing the stats of other generals
Cao Cao looks a bit like Dostoevsky in this game, don't you think? :)
To battle!..
Are you sure, my lord?..
Preparing for attack
Battle screen

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Select one of six scenarios
Start of the game

SNES version

Title screen
Creating a general
Choosing a hero
Overview map
It's your turn
Trying to ally with another warlock
Yes, and there's nothing YOU can do about it, dork!
And you must realize I'll beat the hell outta ya if I just use some cheat codes!
A battle begins
Turn-based fighting

TurboGrafx CD version

A funny screen you see if you don't have enough memory :)
Title screen
Intro. The character on the flag is "Shu", the name of one of the kingdom. Today it's used as a short name for province Sichuan, since their capital was Chengdu
Chinese history is truly fascinating
Okay, let's rock!!..
Beautiful sound/music screen!..
Viewing character stats and explanations
Creating a female (!) general with an idiotic name
Choose the scenario
Hey guys, don't fall of the stairs :)
Choosing your warlord. How about Gongsun Ce? At least he has an eye for fashion, what with the stylish headband
Each scenario has its own intro
Everything happens on this map!..
I decided to play as the despicable Dong Zhuo (read the book if you don't know who this is). I mean, just look at his face. What a greedy, mean bastard!..
For easier viewing, each province is numbered
What? You wanna piece of... err... what am I eating here, Harbin-style beef? Man, this is delicious...
Let's take a look at our generals...
...and at our potential enemies!
One fine day, two riders were leaving Changan...
Diplomacy screen
Preparing for war
Let's go, guys! Let's show 'em who is the true emperor of China!..
No, no, please don't get up! I just wanted...
Now boys, this here is the city we gotta conquer, you dig? have a quiet conversation, enjoying this beautiful view
Look, I was just looking at the sky... I don't actually care who wins this war... even if it's Shanghai or something
Lü Bu's statistics. Nothing will help you, Lü Bu! You'll go down, you backstabbing son of a bitch!..
Ahh, the mid-war scenario, the richest on famous Three Kingdoms characters. Highlighted is Cao Cao, one of the most powerful figures of the time
The character on the flag is the family name "Cao". Using your sharp powers of deduction, you guess this must be Cao Cao's army
And here is the great warlord himself, in a stylish cut scene
Are you sure, my lord? You don't want to reconsider before it's too late?
Battle on the river side. Looks like I'm losing...
...indeed. Cao Cao won!..
Playing as Liu Bei, another famous warlord. He was cast as a somewhat of a "good guy" in the book, though history has its doubts...
This is Zhuge Liang. Another very popular character from the book, known for his sharp mind. Maybe he was Jewish?... Maybe he changed his name from "Meshugge" or something
I'm so lonely here, in the forest... Mommmmyyy---iieeee!!...

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  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms III: Dragon of Destiny Screenshot
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms III: Dragon of Destiny Screenshot
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms III: Dragon of Destiny Screenshot
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms III: Dragon of Destiny Screenshot
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms III: Dragon of Destiny Screenshot