Romance of the Three Kingdoms V Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Production Information
Series Information
Title Screen
Flying Dragon in Introduction
Stoned Dragon...
Armies seen in the Horizon...
Armies will collide soon...
Battle Scenes...
Cao Cao - Ruler of the first kingdom...
Liu Bei - Ruler of the second kingdom...
Sun Jian - Ruler of the third kingdom...
Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Jian with the Chinese Nature Background
Main Menu (Chinese)
Scenario Selection (Chinese)
Players Assignment before Start (Chinese)
Game Preferences Adjustment (Chinese)
Start of the game (Chinese)
Ruler's Audience (Chinese)
Advisor's Report (Chinese)

Genesis version

Title Screen
Main Menu (Chinese)
Scenario selection (Chinese)
Adjusting Land and Players (Chinese)
Appointing the Ruler (Chinese)
Gameplay menu (Chinese)...
Managing your city (Chinese)...
Diplomacy relations (Chinese)...
Animated action inside the city (Chinese)...
Players are moving on the map, time is flowing (Chinese)
Some action takes place...
Audience (Chinese)
Swords show the place of battle...

PC-98 version

Title screen
Cool setup screen
Groovy 3D intro with a dragon!
The armies from far away...
...and in close-up
Beautiful, stylish animation here
The three great warlords...
Scenario select
Selecting your warlord
People will give you advices from time to time
Diplomacy screen
Main in-game actions menu
Viewing statistics of other leaders
List of countries
Cao Cao is ready for action
Battle in the plains. War cry
Political intrigues
People get sick and can die
Natural disasters occur
Battle results
Battle on a river bank
Naval battle
Battle at the mountain side. The general speaks
Cao Cao has obviously gotten into the occult
Battle near a city