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PlayStation 2IGN (Jun 27, 2002)
In the same league with its previous incarnations, Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII will definitely not appeal to everyone. Presenting outdated graphics, sparse sound support, and a list of commands and math equations a mile wide, it's lack of interest is pretty understandable.
PlayStation 2GameSpy (Aug 18, 2002)
Despite its blandness and an interface that makes performing most of your tasks a little too annoying, there is still so much to watch after in Romance that one could easily find themselves getting too lost in the many tasks throughout the game. I have no doubt that a number of gamers will positively fall in love with Romance VII and the time period it depicts.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Jul 23, 2002)
There are a number of things required to fully enjoy Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII. For one, you'll need the patience and interest to pour hours upon hours into the game, tirelessly tracking all your statistics as you slowly progress through the military and political ranks. A lack of concern for flashy graphics is also a must. Finally, an interest in Chinese history and culture is a plus, especially since you'll be under pressure to keep up with the onslaught of Chinese names. Likewise, there's a list of things that will prevent your enjoyment of Romance VII--a desire for action and a need for newness and innovation number among them. Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII is a good game, but it's not for everyone.
PlayStation 2GamePro (US) (Jun 26, 2002)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII is a deep and time-consuming game. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s fun in a unique sort of way. If your tastes tend toward tactics and you have the imagination to manage epic political intrigue, Romance awaits you.
PlayStation 2G4 Tech: Tech TV (Oct 14, 2002)
Koei games, especially the "Romance" series, have always been more about gameplay and less about the audiovisual experience, and "Romance VII" is obviously no exception. It has that "just one more turn" kind of addictiveness that all good turn-based strategy games have in spades. It figures that by the seventh time around the folks at Koei would have it down to an art, and they do. So be warned, if you get this game you'll likely find yourself, sitting down to play for "a couple hours" at night and then being surprised to find it growing light outside the next morning.
PlayStation 2PSX Nation (Sep 15, 2002)
Only the hardest of the hardcore strategists will experience enough satisfaction with Koei's latest Chinese war simulator to feel they got their fifty bucks' worth. I tried to warm-up to "ROTK VII" but, as soon as I finish this review, I'll do my darnest to forget it ever existed. The Koei I like is the one wacky-enough to create "Guitaroo Man," the one clever-enough to create "Winback," or the one smart-enough to keep the realism of Chinese war scenarios at bay for interactive masterpieces like "Kessen II" and "Dynasty Warriors 3."