Romancia: Dragon Slayer Jr. Screenshots

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MSX version

Title screen: Part I
MSX1 title screen
MSX2 title screen
Title screen: Part II
Outside the castle
I suppose you couldn't find the princess yourself, could you?!
That's a hospital. That was pretty clear
Gimme the best room you've got!
Heroes also need rest...
What the hell are you doing? Conducting?
No time now, talk to ya later
It was a wonderful day when I decided to leave the town...
This is a perfect spot to spit on the guy's head
Oh no, water!
I think I'm Guybrush Threepwood!
People leave in dungeons, too
Hi there, my new friend!
How does he do it? I mean, this floating thing?
Entering a dangerous area
Jumping is the only solution
A battle in an appartment
Battle on the roof
Game Over

NES version

Title screen
Entering the cave
In the woods

PC-98 version

Title screen A
Title screen B
Talking to the idiot king, who doesn't want to move his ass to rescue his daughter. Luckily, I was never a monarchist
Nice day. Birds. Nature. Blue sky. I feel like going to a dark dungeon infested by killer bulls. I'm weird that way
Say, I bought a razor for you, if you want
Cursed ye be, heathens!!! Muaaahahahahaaa!!!!
Deep down, I always was religious
Hotel. Five stars
The hero doesn't drown. Cool
Underground cave. But how to enter?
Hey, I want to learn that
Killer bulls. Told ya
Is that... the princess? Can... it be? Oh... my God... hard to say with the 16-color graphics
More killer bulls! More! More!!!
Killer snails
Killed by killer snails. Turned into an angel. I suppose it could've been worse

Sharp X1 version

Title screen
Onwards Freddy Fan! (no seriously, that's the main hero's name)
Talking with the geezer on the cloud more than once will send you to heaven... literally
There's 4 different men in various locations around this cavern, each of them will hand you a Scroll, but only one Scroll is the correct one
All the enemies that you encounter here in Azoruba are actually innocent cursed citizens, so if you kill them you'll lose karma
The king despises anyone with a pure heart (karma rings) and he curses them to life as a pig. What a meanie!