Rome: Pathway to Power Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Mission 1 - Escape from the homeland
The adventure begins
Map of the first level
The storm is coming
The eruption
To get on boat you need to have money and a citizen status.
You failed!
You are safely sailing to Rome
Rome awaits you to become the Emperor saviour.
You have been stabbed to death!
Map of the second level
You need to hurry if you don't want to miss an important event in the game!
You have been thrown to the lions.
Gladiators are about to fight
You have saved the Emperor. You may proceed to the third level.
You conquered the Britons!
You are mighty centurion!
You have been exiled from Rome
Hector - the consul
The next mission - save Cleopatra
You failed saving Cleopatra
A race for being an Emperor begins!

DOS version

Title Screen
US title screen
European title screen (Rome AD 92)
Intro Screen
Main Game Screen
Talk To The People You Meet
Check Your Inventory
Look At Your Map
Remember, you act under time pressure...
Don't get too greedy... and remember: the dead don't talk
Wisely fleeing from the doomed Herculaneum
Not only all roads lead to Rome, but sailboats too
Rome: The Eternal City
We interrupt this programming for an important public announcement
You will become centurion, too... in the next chapter
These bouncers won't let in just anybody
Imagine: all roads lead to... this game map (Rome)
Roman Holiday: the city never sleeps
Sign in your gladiator slave and bet on him (almost like a boxing match)
Roman Holiday: watch gladiator games in Colosseum!
Roman Holiday: dice game club
Running with a dagger is not tolerated well in a civilized city
Ave Caesar!
We thank thee, citizen...
Cliffs of Dover ahead
The Battle of Britain. Your legion looks somewhat... small
Roman standard resting safely inside a field fortification
Captured by angry natives
Returning in glory
Election time
One of the funny scenes for you to discover
Pacification of a village in Britannia
Bringing the civilization to the stubborn Brits
Watching a stage play
Arriving at Alexandria
Cleopatra makes an impressive entrance
Ambushing the enemy
Cleopatra is pleased with Hector
Ramblings of a madman
Talk about a staged match!
Dice players at the tavern
Just admiring the Egyptian stonemasonry