Route 66 Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Main menu
Santa Monica, California - Game start
Route Map
Santa Monica, CA - objects
Level complete stats
Cajon Pass, CA - objects
Victorville, CA - objects
Needles, CA - objects
Oatman, AZ - objects
Flagstaff, AZ - objects
Pinta, AZ - objects
Gallup, NM - objects
Albuquerque, NM - objects
Santa Fe, NM - objects
Glenrio, TX - objects
Amarillo, TX - objects
Groom, TX - objects
Shamrock, TX - objects
Oklahoma City, OK - objects
Mid point on route map
Arcadia, OK - objects
Catoosa, OK - objects

Macintosh version

Player name
Main menu
Game start
Map locations
Santa Monica - objects
Santa Monica - stats complete
Sequence mini game
Cajon Pass - objects
4 in a row mini game
Victorville - objects
Wrong object clicks
Needles - objects
Oatman - objects
Flagstaff - objects
In game menu
High Scores

Windows version

Main menu
U.S. map
Commemorative plaque
Too many wrong clicks.
Level statistics
Simon with checkers pieces
Cajon Pass
Western town
Matching pairs of bottle taps.
The Museum Club