RS3: Racing Simulation Three Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

After the game has displayed the company logos it enters an animated cinematic sequence showing cars and pretty girls
The game's main menu and title screen follows an animated video montage
There are lots of race options. Only Arcade, Time Attack and Drive School are available at the outset, Full Race, Championship, Scenario and Overtake must be unlocked
Lots of cars to choose from, each with its own drivers
Lots of places to race but most need to be unlocked
The game's load screen, the green colour fades in from left to right
On the grid waiting for the start
One of the alternate driving viewpoints
Driving through the pit lane just because its there. This shot also shows how the groups of people in crowded stands look a bit repetitive
For someone who spends a lot of time off the track it's good to see that care has been taken with the trackside detail. The big TV screen is a neat touch.
Another driving view with really clear working rear view mirrors

Windows version

Brake help
Dirty tires
PrintScrn makes a Ubisoft label in the bottom right hand side of the screenshot.
As this is a simulation, the garage choices start pretty normal.
However the choices and modifications you can make can get pretty detailed.
The starting line-up in New Zealand
Keep your eyes on your gas as well as other gauges.
One wrong move and suddenly you're spinning in the dirt.
Brake help comes in handy and will prevent you from doing this.
Looking back to see if anyone is about to lap me.
The cockpit view of course "feels" more right.
You can either manually drive into the pit or have the AI automatically guide you in.
Switzerland has lots of terrain variance.
Enjoying one of my competitors' viewpoints.
You can also have a ground cam if you're up to feeling nauseous.
These guys are pretty neck-and-neck.
Rain stars mid-race in Romania.