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Rudra no Hihō

Rudra no Hihō SNES Title screen


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SNES 12 3.9
Wii Awaiting 1 votes...
Combined User Score 12 3.9

Critic Reviews

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Still, you have to admit -- if those are the worst flaws I can think of, this game must be something special. Something that deserves to be introduced to the Western market. If it flops, rest assured…I'll no longer attempt to give you business advice. But I'd buy it and, as long as you didn't botch the conversion, I'd exuberantly endorse it. Judging from the number of old Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games that you've brought back time and time again, there definitely is a market for retro RPGs, so I'd think one that favorably compares with the best those series have to offer definitely deserves a chance. I hope you agree.
En somme, la popularité d'un jeu ne signifie pas forcément la qualité, et inversement, Rudora No Hihou est encore là pour nous le rappeler ! Un excellent jeu à ne pas rater, incroyablement original malgré quelques lourdeurs.
Souffrant de lourdeurs et défauts plus ou moins difficiles à pardonner, Rudra No Hihou est sauvé par son contexte original, ses multiples scénarios et son système de magie absolument bluffant. A réserver néanmoins à un public averti.